Spotlight Artist: Wynn & Lindy Bell

Spotlight Artist: Wynn & Lindy Bell, CBA’s

Wynn and Lindy Bell are no strangers to anyone involved in the event or balloon industry. Their knowledge of wedding work, sculptures and marketing is extraordinary. During the last 14 years, Wynn and Lindy have taken typical classic balloon décor and transformed it into beautiful and elegant designs that are duplicated by balloon artists worldwide. These designs, together with their signature style, caring attitudes and sharing spirit have been the driving force behind their exceptional success. They have been involved in the design and creation of balloon decor for over 1,000 weddings and over 500 corporate events.

The Bells are best known for their balloon sculptures and balloon wedding designs, including their signature design “Cherish Heart Canopy,” featured in the QBN Modern Bride Ad and on the QBN “Magical & Memorable” Wedding Flyer. They have been IBAC Instructors six times, and have twice won IBAC’s most coveted competition award, the Large Sculpture competition. In addition, their sculptures, corporate work, and wedding work have been featured on the CBS Morning Show and in Event Solutions Magazine, Balloon Images, Balloons & Parties Today, Party & Paper Magazine, Signature Bride, and other respected trade publications.

For those who have had the good fortune to attend any of their classes or seminars, their courses in sculptures, marketing, selling and decorating for the bridal and corporate market are full to overflowing, and the feedback from attendees is overwhelmingly positive. The strength of their instruction lies in their obvious passion and enthusiasm for the balloon industry, as well as their use of an organized, duplicable system, for marketing and sales, and, of course, in the beauty and elegance of their decor designs. Their expertise in corporate events is equally impressive, utilizing many of the same elements of their bridal system combined with their sincere desire and strong ability to create perfect décor designs for their “VSC”s (Very Special Clients).

Wynn and Lindy started decorating with balloons in 1989. They began their business out of their home and decorated only 6 weddings and 1 small corporate event their first year. As their business grew, they each found their own niche, with Lindy concentrating on sales, marketing and design, and Wynn focusing on the actual development and creation of the designs. As Wynn is fond of saying… “Lindy sells the dreams, and I live all the nightmares!”

Unfortunately, in September 2012, Lindy passed away from a brain tumor. Her years as an educator and dedication to the balloon industry live on through Wynn who still runs their business “Final Touch Balloons & Event Decor” and continues to teach at balloon events around the United States.

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