Distributor Application

Conwin Distributor Application

Steps to be a Conwin Distributor:

Step #1 :
Please complete and submit the following online Distributor Application.
You will be notified within 5-7 days if you qualify for a Conwin Distributorship.

Step #2:
If qualified, you will receive Conwin’s Distributor Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
International Distributors will receive the Cylinder & Electrical Connection form that needs to be completed, signed, and returned to Conwin.

Step #3:
Your assigned sales representative will contact you to assist in developing and submitting 
your opening order.

Step #4:
Upon receipt of your opening order, your account will be set up in the Conwin system at
your qualified level of participation. You will then receive the Conwin Equipment Training Manual and your Authorized Distributor Certificate.