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Master Series Balloon Decor DVD Set


Get inspired and grow your business!

In this three disc set, you’ll get inspiration and learn innovative techniques that will help bring your work to life! From fantasy flowers to balloon walls, each of the versatile 15 step-by-step designs are clearly presented with easy to follow instructions and themed transformation options.

The interactive Web links enable you to stay “connected” to the experts so you will always have access to the latest trends, tips, and products available. Included in the collection are 24 heavy weight, glossy stock, 8.5“ X 11” Portfolio Builder Images to assist you in selling the designs to your clients.

Set Includes:

• 3 DVDs with 15 Designs
• 24 Portfolio Builders
• Interactive Web Links


DVD Design Contents

Classic Balloon Decor (Vol. 1)

1. Fantasy Tree Column
2. Mardi Gras Balloon Wall
3. “I Love You” Framed Heart
4. Pirate Balloon Arch
5. Deco Bubble Column

Decor for Weddings (Vol. 2)

1. Walk Through “Fantasy” Heart
2. Hearts & Pearls Exploding Column
3. Enchanting Golden Heart Balloon Arch
4. Illuminating Balloon Chandelier
5. Hearts & Flowers Table Arrangement

Balloon Centerpieces and Arrangements (Vol. 3)

1. Fantasy Tree Centerpiece
2. Mardi Gras Table Centerpiece
3. Just Married Table Centerpiece
4. New Years Table Arrangement
5. Floral Delight Table Arrangement


Portfolio Builders

Included in the collection are 24 NEW 8.5 X 11” heavy weight glossy stock Portfolio Builder Images (Series 6-8) to assist you in selling the designs to your clients.

Incorporate these images into your portfolio to showcase the many new arrangements you’ve added to your repertoire. Your clients will be impressed by the beautiful balloon décor and special effects you’ll be able create for their next event.

Interactive Special Features


Frequently Asked Questions

How are these DVD’s different than others in the industry?
Featuring fifteen designs, the Portfolio Builders and the interactivity of the Special Features, the Master Series DVDs offer a educational package that includes a comprehensive range of information for the viewer.

What will I learn?
Here are just a few of the many techniques covered in the program:

• Roman Columns
• 4 & 5 Pack Quads
• Tapered Arches
• Centerpiece Tips
• Twisting Techniques

• Framing Designs
• Topiary Construction
• Various Methods of Wrapping Poles
• Special Effects for added profits
• Efficiency Techniques

What are interactive “Web Links”?
The interactive web links allow the Special Feature menus to connect to the internet to access the Material and Equipment Lists, Resource Links and Instructor Bios. This accessibility allows for you to stay informed and up to date on the latest products, techniques and resources.

Who are the instructors?
Jodie Norris, Dee White, and Sue Marston-Weston – renowned European designers–showcase the latest trends in combining non-round balloons with classic balloon decor, while Linda Bruce and Steven Mayhew – two innovative designers from the USA–feature a variety of best-selling arrangements.

Where can I buy the Master Series DVDs?
Click here to view a list of distributors.

Are these DVDs for Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced designers?
The wide variety of techniques covered in the programs provide the basic knowledge for beginners, more indepth structures for intermediate designers and advanced techniques and concepts for the seasoned professional.

What are the requirements to access the DVD-ROM features?
Click here for product support and troubleshooting.

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