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Note: This product has been discontinued.


General troubleshooting recommendations for your Balloon Exploders:
Pretest Exploders

Pretest Exploders with a pressurized line prior to rigging. Make sure that the exploder pin is fully retracted and the base of the exploder is smooth to the touch prior to attaching it to the balloons.

Testing the Airline

After rigging the air line, use 11″ balloons to test the system. This will insure that the air line has been properly rigged and that all the large balloons will pop on cue.

I hear hissing in the pressurized line, is this normal?

If you hear hissing, there is a leak in the system. Perform the following steps:

Step 1. Locate the source of the leak.

Step 2. Confirm the Airline has not been cut at an angle, otherwise the Airline will not have a leak free seal when connected to the Exploder, Splice or Tee.

Step 3. Confirm the Airline is pressed all the way in to the Exploder, Splice or Tee. Note: Airline should insert into the component approximately 1/4 inch.

Step 4. If the source of the problem is Exploder, Splice or Tee, try using another component.

Rigging & attaching Balloon Exploders

• Fully inflate the large balloons. The surface of the balloons must be taut where the Exploders are attached. If the balloon is soft or under inflated, the Exploder pin will not pop the balloon.

• You need only one Exploder per balloon. Attach the Exploders to the center section of the balloon. This is the weakest part of the balloon.

• Use a high quality, 2″ wide, clear packing tape (3M works well) to attach the Exploders to balloons. Use only two pieces of tape, one on each tab of Exploder. Do not tape over the sides or the top of the Exploder. Do not coat the outside of the balloon with Balloon Shine or Hi-Float, this will prevent the tape from sticking.

Prior to detonating

Make sure the cylinder has a minimum of 800 PSI before detonating the balloons.


Hold the detonator button down continually until all the balloons have popped.

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No replacement parts are currently available for this product.
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This video shows you how to properly use Conwin’s Balloon Exploders.