Top 10 Wedding Add-Ons

Article by: Sue Bowler, CBA, Jodie White, CBA, Jan Iiams, CBA

Combining their experience and creative talents Sue, Jodie, Jan and Crystal compiled the following list of top 10 wedding add-ons. These proven, best-selling ideas can easily take your business to the next level! Offering these services to your brides will grow your wedding business and boost your profits!

Ceremony Décor

Decorating the wedding ceremony, in addition to the reception, doubles the size of your decorating job! If the ceremony is being held in a church, temple or house of worship, be sure you clearly understand any restrictions on decorations, then use your creativity to tastefully enhance the setting. A beautiful background design where the bride, groom and minister stand during the ceremony is especially important. This is the spot where most of the ceremony pictures will take place. Brides love having a special photo area for their friends and family.

Floral Accents

Combining floral and Balloon services is the way of the future. Brides don’t want to go to a variety of companies to coordinate their wedding decorations. One-stop shopping benefits everyone. Offer both balloons and flowers to your customers. All of the small add-ons, like corsages and boutonnieres, are the perfect place to start. They’re easy to create and your brides will love their originality.

Designer Chair Backs

Chair back arrangements are a beautiful accent to reception decor. By using touches of the same elements throughout each design, you’ll create a harmonious and romantic mood that brides will find irresistible. See Sue’s article on page 20 for more details on techniques for decorating chair backs. Think of the add-on sales potential! For every guest you get extra profits!

Add Special Effects!

Confetti Cannons, Balloon Bulbs, and Exploding Balloons all are easy add-on sales. They are ideal for creating excitement on the dance floor and the reception area. These exciting and profitable effects leave lasting memories for the bride and her guests.

Head Table Décor

The focus of every reception is on the new bride and groom. They’ll be seated at the head table, offering a great opportunity for a beautiful backdrop and centerpiece. This will make a perfect photo setting.

Cake Table Décor 

As balloon artists we have the perfect opportunity to enhance the presentation of the wedding cake! Offer the bride your expertise to decorate the table. From simply swaging the edge of the table with ivy, ribbon and delicate balloon bubbles, to an elegant arch that frames the cake table creating a wonderful photo backdrop, you have lots of opportunities!

Guest Table

What better way to bring a smile to your guests face than to be greeted by an a whimsical tabletop bride & groom sculpture. They’re hard for the bride to resist, and a profitable addition for very wedding! This design is featured in Conwin’s Portfolio Builders Series 3.

Place Setting Favors 

For the ultimate finishing touch, create beautiful wedding favors, traditionally called ‘bomboniere’. Once made from gold, precious stones, crystal or porcelain. These “thank you” art forms symbolize the bride’s special acknowledgement of each friend and relative who shares her special joy.

Create an Inviting Entrance

A walk-thru heart is a great entrance to the ceremony or reception area. A series of string of pearl arches also is a great way to create a simple, yet effective, entrance. If you’re working with a bride on a budget, suggest balloon decor for the ceremony that can be moved to the reception area. The add-on possibilities and the added profits are endless!

Wedding Car Décor 

Offering designer car decor is one of the easiest add-on sales. All brides want to go to the church in style. To capture that opportunity introduce a fantastic range of car decor to your brides. Your unique designs will leave a lasting impression on your clients and on the wedding guests. This promotes your services and generates new business opportunities.