Grow Your Business with Air

Article by: Steven Mayhew, CBA

Since the inception of the balloon industry, many international decorators have felt the crunch of high helium prices or limited access to helium. Faced with this obstacle they have proven that air-filled balloon décor is the answer to making their businesses thrive. They have not only demonstrated that air-filled décor can be easily substituted for many classic helium-filled balloon décor designs, but also that air-filled décor is more efficient and profitable.


To help you on your journey to sustaining and growing your business with air-filled decor, here are a few answers to the questions many of you have been asking…

Q: What Are The Benefits of Air-Filled Décor?

A: One of the great benefits to air-filled decor is that it lasts between 1 to 4 weeks depending on environmental conditions. You have no heavy cylinders to transport and air- filled décor can be inflated days prior to an event. Not to mention you save money with no helium.

Q: How Can I Incorporate More Air-Filled Décor In My Business?

A: Start by reviewing your most popular helium arrangements offered and determine how to convert them to air. Also, change your focus on suggesting helium-filled décor to air-filled décor when recommending designs for your customers. Tip: To replace the lift of helium, incorporate base plates, conduit poles, aluminum rod as a core structure or bases for air-filled designs.

Q: How do I inflate my balloons with air?

strong>A: Conwin’s full line of air inflators give you the ability to inflate balloons either manually or with automatic sizing. Click here to check out Conwin’s Air Inflators.

Q: What is Nitrogen gas and how can I use it?

A: Nitrogen (like air) is what balloon decorators use to inflate balloon décor that is not intended to float. Nitrogen is an inert gas (non-flammable, non-explosive and non-toxic) and is available in cylinders from balloon distributors and gas companies. It’s much less expensive than helium and is a great alternative to air to use with your basic and automatic balloon inflators.

Q: What is a 60/40 Inflator & How Does it Work?

A: Conwin’s 60/40 inflators mix 60% helium with 40% air, saving you 40% on your helium costs. These inflators work by the helium passing upward through the filling outlet and drawing in air through the air intake ports on either side of the outlet. When you use Conwin’s 60/40 Inflators you’re able to inflate 40% more balloons from any cylinder!