Smart Buying & Inventorying Practices

Article by: Jan Iiams

Today’s smart buyer wants to save time and money. Many wholesale distributors have a presence on the web as well as full line catalogs. For special sales and the new products they offer, check distributor web sites for fast information and easy ordering at virtually any time, day or night. For distributor referrals and to see the newest products being unveiled, check manufacturers web sites. also offer educational information on their equipment and design instruction.

Today the best technique for ordering efficiently and getting the most value for your money, is to order more but less often. You’ll save on shipping costs and manydistributors offer freight incentives and discounts for orders placed in quantity. Check with your distributor about their volume discount criteria. You’ll find that many now allow you to add smaller quantities of items together to achieve a volume discount.

The ideal inventory would be having just one of every item left on the shelf just as your order arrives to assure you that you hadn’t missed a single sale. Since that is just a wish and not a reality, you’ll find the following tips will help you inventory smarter.

Spinner racks are one of the most efficient ways to store your inventory. Although they were initially introduced and work well for display purposes, some busy stores are now using the spinner rack as storage for their balloon inventory. At a quick glance, you can see what items are low without digging through drawers, files or shelves that often damage balloons to see what’s due for reorder.

Don’t get into an inventory rut. Your repeat customers love to see new things, and there’s nothing like a beautiful new balloon pattern to inspire your staffs creativity. Note which patterns are your bestsellers and which ones you can afford to change out periodically or seasonally to keep a fresh look to what you sell.