Display! Display! Display!

Article by: Jan Iiams

Any store owner will tell you that inflated balloons sell faster than those un-inflated. Customers like to see exactly how big and colorful a balloon is before they buy it. Make it easy for customers to make their selection my inflating some of your top selling balloons and even some of your slower moving products.

For those who do not have enough space to inflate every balloon they have in the store, here are some great tips to displaying those beautiful balloons:

Spinner racks are a great way to display your balloons. Retail customers shop for them in the same way they shop for a greeting card. Because the spinner rack inventory is packaged, product stays clean and fingerprint free, and it doesn’t require a sales person to “baby-sit” the customer through the entire sale. The small extra cost for packaged balloons more than makes up for the labor costs involved with older display methods, and the rack takes up a minimum of expensive retail floor space. Check with your nearest distributors as to what type of new balloon spinner racks are available from manufacturers.

Looking for a great point-of-puchase display for inflated balloons? Try Conwin’s Grip Strips. They have an adhesive backing that can be attached to any clean surface. Attach a weight to your pre-inflated balloons and slide the ribbon into the slits of the plastic. Customers can easily see and pull the balloon of their choice. Place these around your store and definitely up by the register for those quick last minute buys.

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