Inflating for Retail Balloon Shops

Article by: Jan Iiams

Things have changed! At one time everyone had a simple tank and filler valve to inflate balloons with. Today, there are a myriad of choices for equipment to make your balloon work a breeze and substantially more profitable.

Conwin’s proven inflators do more than just inflate balloons, they precisely size latex balloons and automatically stop when foil balloons are full. The latest equipment trend for busy stores that inflate bouquets, using both latex and foil balloons, is the Duplicator 2 automatic sizer. This small piece of equipment sits on a counter and can actually be located several feet from the helium tank.

For shops that have inflated balloon displays throughout their store, having to transport the balloons back and forth to re-inflate and then set-up again can be a time-consuming and labor intensive process. To make this task easy, Conwin suggests using their Cylinder Hand Truck and a 10ft Extension Hose Inflator with Snap-On Auto-Fill Foil Outlet or Bubble & Auto-Foil Outlet. This allows employees to safely transport the cylinder around the store and re-inflate foils where they are already located.

Tip: For inflated displays, tie the ribbon below the self seal valve on the foil. This will make for re-inflating foils much easier.

Ensuring your balloons always look fresh and ready to sell, just might be the difference between a sell or a walk-out.

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