Choosing the Right Balloon Air Inflator

Looking for an air inflator? What is the difference? Which is the right one for me?

Doesn’t an air inflator just inflate balloons? Well, yes it does. However, just as there are many types and sizes of balloons, used for many different purposes, it stands to reason there would also be a range of inflators as well.

Air inflators have a variety of specific purposes such as those for the Street Entertainer who will use it to inflate ‘entertainer’ balloons, through to the Balloon Decorator who might need a precision sizing inflator to create accurate, stunning balloon decor. Let’s take a look at what inflators are available and what their suggested use is.

I suppose we should really begin with the basic hand pump; even here there are options. There is the two-way 160 hand pump, designed to inflate the smallest of entertainer balloons, the two-way hand pump for inflating 260s, through to the ‘single stroke’ floor standing pump, designed to inflate a 260 with a single downward stroke. These are all manually operated and great for street entertainers and those inflating small numbers of entertainer balloons.


Now, we take the first step up to the electric inflators. Again, we start with the basic models of which there are many, but like so many things, there is a vast difference in the quality and reliability. So we would naturally recommend that you select a brand that you know and can trust. Conwin’s Air Pro is a basic model electric air inflator with a single nozzle outlet and can inflate one balloon at a time. With the most powerful motor on the market, it can inflate all sizes of foils, round and non-round balloons by use of the narrow extension tip. Whilst all motors will heat up during use, the Air Pro motor only operates during the inflation process, reducing the build up of heat.

Air Force 4

The next step takes us to electric air inflators capable of inflating multiple balloons at the same time. This type of machine is excellent for inflation of large numbers of balloons where accurate sizing is non-essential, whilst allowing more than one user to inflate. Conwin’s Air Force 4 is one such inflator. With 4 separate outlets it is capable of inflating up to 4 balloons at the same time, by using either the foot pedal or continual ‘ON’ mode. The Large Balloon Inflation Hose allows for rapid inflation of 16” and larger balloons in a third of the time and the optional Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool Kit for the Air Force 4 enables you to make stunning gumball décor and inflate foils at a slower speed.

Precision Air

Finally we reach the top of the range and step up to precision sizing inflators such as Conwin’s Precision Air Inflator. When precise and accurate inflation of balloons is required this really is the ultimate machine. With the ability to count and accurately size two balloons simultaneously and deliver consistent sizing, time after time, this really is a dream machine for professional decorators. Doing away with the need for time-consuming and cumbersome sizing templates, any professional balloon decorator will have one of these on their wish list.

Now that you have the basic knowledge on what air inflators are available and the differences between them, it’s up to you to decide which air inflator works best for you and your business!

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