Spotlight Artist: Akane Shibata

Spotlight Artist: Akane Shibata

“My favorite Conwin inflator is the Precision Air. It can accurately size balloons without an air compressor, it’s is extremely efficient and is easy to carry from job to job.”

Akane Shibata started her balloon business, Bunny’s Balloon Factory, with her sister in 1998. She primarily focuses on selling gifts through her store but specializes in balloon decor for TV shows, weddings, shopping malls, departments stores and other large scale events.

Akane has taught at multiple balloon events and distributor locations for Pioneer Balloon Company in countries like: France, Russia, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, 
and the United States.

Akane’s Portfolio


• International Balloon Arts Convention (IBAC) – 1st Place Delivery Bouquet


• Thailand Balloon Art World Challenge – Outstanding Prize for Non Round Balloon Sculpture

• Balloon Arts Convention Italy (BACI) – 3rd Place Party Display

• World Balloon Convention (WBC) – 1st Place Large Sculpture
• World Balloon Convention (WBC) – 2nd Place Table Arrangement