Spotlight Artist: Alberto Falcone

Spotlight Artist: Alberto Falcone, CBA

‘I always find it very elegant and fun with its two cunning red eyes and its happy disposition always ready to puff… I have known it for many years and now we are inseparable friends! Recently I gave it a gift: a Quick Switch, it was so happy to receive this present that it wanted to make a party, working for a full night to make big decorations. “Dual Split-Second Sizer” is a good and precise worker, very fast and quiet. It is light, easy to transport and practical to place…In short, it’s the ideal fellow worker or, if you prefer, the ideal playmate’

In 1998 he took his CBA and in 1999 he won first place at BACI in Florence in the large sculpture competition.
Now, with his wife Paola, he manages two Balloon Express Shops in North Italy specializing in balloon deliveries and décor.

In 2000, while he played with some 260Q balloons, he found a new weaving technique to make garlands, hearts, stars etc. which is now famously known as the ‘Flacon Link’. Like “Cinderella” dreams came true, for Alberto a passion became his profession!

In 2001, Alberto through is passion for balloons wrote a theatrical monologue entitled “Gerard”, which tells of an old balloon seller that see his life and the world through balloons, colours, shapes, intrinsic values as joyful optimism.

To date Alberto’s greatest accolade is Designer of the Year, IBAC 2002, Chicago, Il, where he also won 1st place in the Large Sculpture competition.


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