Spotlight Artist: Eduardo Seiti Yoshikawa

Spotlight Artist: Eduardo Seiti Yoshikawa, CBA

“In Brazil where helium gas is imported – therefore more expensive – the 60/40 Helium/Air Inflator certainly does make a difference in my work!”

The 2004 award-winner Eduardo Seiti Yoshikawa, graduated as Electric Engineer back in 1986. In 1994, he decided to open a candy store. When he decided to start with balloons to add more value to his candies, his sales went up 10 times (and his staff jumped from 2 to 13 employees in a small booth in a shopping center).

In 1996 he started with balloon décor, and since then, Seiti produced 10 best-selling videos (and now DVDs), more then 27 specialized balloon magazines of the trade, and his colorful projects are displayed in over 30 articles in décor magazines. Seiti is regularly invited to participate in TV programs where the audience has the opportunity to either see his beautiful work or can also follow his step-by-step lessons.

He was the first professional to offer twisting courses in Brazil. He is also proud to be one of the very few CBA’s working (and making a living!) exclusively with balloons in Brazil.

Always participated in International Balloon Conventions and Seminars (IBAC 1997) and other International Seminars in Brazil as one of the lecturers attracting dozens of students eager to follow his training lessons.

Seiti’s philosophy has been always “do more with a low production cost”. For that he relies on some of Conwin’s products such as: Conwin Air Force 4 for his classic and large balloon décor jobs, the Precision Plus Inflator for inflating foil balloons thus reducing the loss of helium, and the 60/40Helium/Air Inflator for special effects.

His experience as an engineer definitely helps him in developing complex or sophisticated projects he is regularly requested to execute. At the same time, his simple style for teaching balloon techniques certainly makes him one of the best lecturers of the local balloon industry.

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