Spotlight Artist: Graham & Mary Queen Rouse

Spotlight Artist: Graham & Mary Queen Rouse, CBA’s

“One of our key factors to the successful use of our RMS™ expandable frameworks is efficient and accurate sizing of balloons. Conwin’s Dual Split-Second Sizer has proven itself again and again over the years as the premier tool for getting that job done accurately and efficiently. We use it. We recommend it. I don’t like to leave home without it.”

Mary Queen Rouse added balloons to her South Carolina clothing resale business in 1985. Soon, the balloons took over the business. Since then Mary Queen has earned international design awards, been published in national and international trade magazines and taught balloon arts on five continents. She teaches in both Spanish and English.

She is a great organizer as well as designer. She serves as General Manager for Rouse International and has served as President of the Carolinas Chapter of the QBN. Even in 1989 she was busy organizing a Carolinas Chapter of the National Association of Balloon Artists when she met Graham at the NABA annual convention. Less than a year later they were honeymooning in the UK following a teaching assignment at a balloon convention in London.

Graham started playing with balloons early in 1983 in North Carolina. He first sold his creations as part of a church fund raiser. Then, he began working part time as a twister. Shortly thereafter he left his state government job for a full time adventure entertaining and decorating with balloons.

Graham has also taught, published and exhibited balloon arts around the world. He has earned 5 international design awards of his own including Artist Of The Year. Probably, more important, however, are his innovations in which he holds five patents on in balloon related technology. Many have been seminal for the advancement of balloon arts.

Together, their experience, expertise, innovation and personal warmth have brought Mary Queen and Graham favor as designers, teachers, and consultants in the international balloon community. And, together they recommend Conwin’s Dual Split-Second Sizer as a most valuable tool for precision sizing and high productivity.

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