Spotlight Artist: Kaori Kimizuka

Spotlight Artist: Kaori Kimizuka, CBA

“My favorite air inflator is the Air Force 4 which is very powerful and designed for efficiency allowing use by more than one person at the same time. Conwin’s 4-Wheel Hand Truck is so easy to handle — so strong, safe and quiet. It’s especially perfect for working in hotels. I really love Conwin equipment!”

Kaori Kimizuka, CBA, didn’t start her creative career in balloons. In fact, she graduated from Tokyo Designer College with a degree in Graphic Design. Kaori discovered balloons in 1996 when she studied Balloon Art at Emily’s Art Business School.

She continues to create balloon art in her home town of Tokyo, Japan.

Kaori’s Portfolio


• 1998 2nd JBAN Convention LargeSculpture 2nd Place
• 1999 15th IBAC NonRound Sculpture 1st Place
• 1999 3rd JBAN Convention Non FrameSculpture 1st Place & Arengement Conpetition 1st Place
• 2000 16th IBAC LargeSculpture 1st Place New Artist of the Year