Spotlight Artist: Larry Moss

Spotlight Artist: Larry Moss

“My Conwin Dual Sizer has proven invaluable on several of my large sculpture projects. It is so easy to use that I know everyone on my crew can end up inflating balloons at different times and they’ll always be consistent in size.”

Larry’s path to the world of balloon art started with his introduction to the performing arts at the age of 5. His kindergarten teacher offered free violin lessons to anyone in the class that wanted them. He jumped at the opportunity. His mother is now very fond of reminding him that she only let him get started because of these free lessons, and that some day she wants to be repaid for the millions of dollars it ended up costing her in music,instruments, and more lessons with other teachers. (Although he never bothered to do the math, Larry thinks she’s overestimated the amount a bit.)

Larry moved on to magic in 1985 and juggling became an active hobby when his younger, but much larger brother started throwing various objects at at him. These two interests became a profession while living in New York City. He performed on subway platforms and street corners. He learned that the greatest part of entertaining on subways is that from there, he could only move up in the world.

Balloon art, or “airigami” as he likes to call it, entered the equation as just a part of the magic and juggling show. This mere interest turned into an obsession and later a full time job. Today, the magic and juggling have moved to a lesser status in his life. An innovator in the world of twisted sculpture, Larry has been seen on The TODAY Show, Martha Stewart, CNN and many other television shows around the world. He’s been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley’s Believe It or Not! for his unusual creations and even installed a sculpture on the White House lawn.

Larry has taught on four continents and has authored several books on balloon art. However, his greatest contribution to the balloon industry is the founding of is the leading online resource for balloon artists to share stories, advice and photos, as well as the place to research most topics related to balloons.

Larry’s Portfolio


• 2000 Special Events Magazine Award for Best Balloon Creation
• 2004 Crystal Award for Balloon HQ (with Mark Balzer and Sheena Beaverson)
• 2005 Dewey Balloon Excellence Award
• 2006 David Grist Memorial Award for Balloon HQ (with Mark Balzer and Sheena Beaverson)