Spotlight Artist: Michael Gjerek

Spotlight Artist: Michael Gjerek

“My favorite piece of Conwin equipment is the ever-popular Dual Split Second Sizer.”

“The Dual Split Second Sizer Sizer is an amazing, time saving device and every professional decorator should own one.”

From street performer to balloon artist. Michael first became involved with balloons as a magician back in 1991. He traveled around Europe as a street performer during his student holidays. On his travels, he visited many balloon shops and this was to become his first contact with the decorating market.

Passionate about balloons, Michael began his career in professional balloon decorating in the year 2000, gradually developing his skills and contacts to become Creative Director of Funfood in Slovenia.

His interest in the internet and his recent work with computers using 3D design technology programs led him to be involved in the development of the concept of the DecoTool, a product unique to BalloonsIT, a website created by decorators for decorators and sponsored by Belbal. Eager to share his experience with other decorators and using modern tools like the internet, Michael became Technical Editor of BalloonsIT.

Michael’s interest in art and photography combined with his creative skill has resulted in an inspiring collection of beautiful and artistic balloon art pictures and video clips.

Michael’s Portfolio