Spotlight Artist: Rie Hosokai

Spotlight Artist: Rie Hosokai

“I love my Precision Air. It’s easy to use and is extremely fast when inflating and sizing my air-filled balloons. My most efficient work is created when using the Precision Air.”

I was introduced to balloon decorating in 1998 when I began working for a flower shop. I enjoyed the industry and art of decorating so much I started my own balloon business in 2002 called “Daisy Balloon.” I found by combining the art of decorating and twisting the possibilities were endless. Since then my business has expanded and in 2004 I began competing in competitions.

Rie’s Portfolio


• Japan Balloon Artists Network Convention – Non-round Sculpture – 2nd prize
• 2005 Twist & Shout – Large Figure Competition – 1st prize
•Medium Figure Competition – 3rd prize
•2005 Twist & Shout – Top Twister
• 2005 Millennium Jam- Multiple balloons Competitions – 1st prize
• 2005 Japan Balloon Twisters Convention – 1st prize
• 2006 Diamond Jam – Diamond Artist Competition – 1st prize
• 2005 Rising Star Award of 2005
• 2006 Millennium Jam – Fashion Award 1st prize