Spotlight Artist: David Taylor, CBA

Spotlight Artist: David Taylor, CBA

“I love Conwin’s Dual Split-Second Sizer so much, I have 4 of them in my business. Attention to detail has always been my motto and since I can’t be at every job, I take comfort in knowing my team has the Dual Sizer to get the job done to my clients high expectations. “

David Taylor, CBA, owner of MAD Balloons, has been WOWing customers with sensational balloon decor since 1992. His diverse expertise is balloon designs has allowed his business to blossom and service a range of customers, including sports teams, national retailers and large corporations. Each job providing opportunities and challenges that require the “MAD Balloons Experience”.

David’s passion for teaching and business development, coupled with his B.Ed degree (English & History Major) from Sydney University, opened the doors in 2007 to him becoming a Qualatex Instructor for Australia and New Zealand. David’s educational focus on pricing and profits for businesses is one of the many reasons he was invited to teach at the 2010 and 2012 World Balloon Conventions in Dallas, Texas, USA.

In 2012, David coordinated the successful Guinness World Record Balloon Drop at the Australian Balloon Convention. The balloon drop was to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking, signifying the inundation of the vessel. By the time the last balloon fell, parts of the room were up to 10 feet deep in balloons.

David is looking forward to touring Australia again and teaching new techniques to working with the Aeropole System, Q-Links and Conwin equipment. Be sure to check out Conwin’s Upcoming Events page to see where you can catch one of David’s next classes.

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