Spotlight Artist: Deco Team Poland

Spotlight Artist: Deco Team Poland- Ania, Adam, Edek & Monika

“At Moscow championships we made a figure of thousands of little balloons. We could not imagine doing that without the Dual Split-Second Sizer. In our opinion it the best implement for professional balloon decorations.”

Deco-team Poland was established in April 2006. The team consists of people who are both passionate for balloon decorating and eager to train and present unlimited possibilities of balloon compositions. They started the first balloon decorations in 2000; these were simple decorations for friends’ needs. After that the first wedding and firm orders appeared. At present, the team’s specialty is wedding and banquet decorations. The compositions combine balloons, cloth and flowers which form a unique atmosphere. However, the real passion of the team is balloons and all their possibilities of space compositions. In Poland, Deco-team are considered to be one of the most creative firms working for decoration line, which can be confirmed by the fact that for the second time they carried on all-Polish training for balloon decorators, as well as their achievements in international competitions

Deco Team Poland’s Portfolio


• 1st prize in Balloons IT in Halloween Competition
• 1st prize in Moscow championships