Spotlight Artist: Federico Onida, CBA

Spotlight Artist: Federico Onida, CBA

“My favourite piece of Conwin equipment is the Precision Air Inflator. My team and I have created sculptures and a variety of decor for almost every type of event with it.”

Federico, CBA, has had extensive experience in the world of entertainment since 1990: organizing and performing in shows using stilts and juggling feats. His first experience with Balloon Art and classic no-round sculptures came about in 1996. He was then introduced to a great new world of balloon sculptures after meeting Balloon Express in 1999.

He has regularly attended “Balloon Art” courses in Florence since 1999, and he attended the IBAC in Chicago (USA) in March 2002 along with Alberto Falcone’s team and the WBC in Dallas Texas (USA) in March 2010 and in Denver, Colorado in March 2014.

2003 marks the start of Federico’s adventure into the world of teaching which includes variety of experiences over the following years such as courses about entertainment, theme parties with balloons, and techniques for both beginners and advanced in the use of balloons.

His teaching experience includes:
• Japan, 2008 (13th JBAN)
• Poland, 2009 (Balonalia 09)
• Spain, 2009 (B.A.C.I. in Madrid)
• Budapest, January and June 2010, and June 2014;
• France, 2011 and 2012 (Sunny Twist’n’Déco 2011 and 2012)
• Malaysia, 2011 (Qualatex Event 11)
• England, Oxford 2011 (The Qualatex Event UK)
• Dallas, Texas, USA (WBC 2012)
• Mexico (CMAG 2012 and 2013; Qualatex Workshop Monterrey 2014)
• Brazil (SNAB 2013 and 2014 – That event included teaching and decorating the
• Qualatex Brazil Booth during the Expo Parques e Festas International Fair)
• Israel (Balloonland 2014)
• Chile (Qualatex Event 2014)

He has won a vast array of awards plus several national and international prizes. View all of Federico’s accomplishments below:

Federico Onida’s Portfolio


Italian Championship – 1st Place Large Sculpture (The Snail)
Italian Championship – 2nd Place Buffet Arrangement (Sunflowers)

IBAC – 1st Place Large Balloon Sculpture / with Alberto Falcone’s Team (A Tree for Four Seasons)
IBAC – 1st Place Figure Competition (Sardinian Gecko)
Italian Championship – 1st Place Large Balloon Sculpture (Lough Erin Shore – Medieval knight)
Italian Championship – 2nd Place Balloon Delivery (The Duck & Her Little Chicks)

Italian Championship – 3rd Place Centerpiece (Puppy in the Grass)

Italian Championship – 1st Place Centerpiece (The Phoenix)
Italian Championship – 2nd Place Large Sculpture (Giraffe)

Italian Championship – 1st Place Figure Competition (The Grasshopper)

Master Championship – 2nd Place Large Sculpture (Bushido – Japanese Garden)

Italian Championship – 2nd Place Centerpiece-Party Display (Painting on the Table)
B.A.C.I. – Italian Artist of the Year

Master Championship – 1st Place Large Sculpture (The Invincible – Gengis Khan, a Mongolian Warrior)
Balloon Russian Festival – 1st Place Large Sculpture (Iguana)

Master Championship – 1st Place Large Balloon Sculpture (Brachypelma Smithi – Red Knee Tarantula)
Italian Championship – 3rd Place Centerpiece (Under the Sea)

World Balloon Convention – Large Balloon Sculpture / Designer with Italian Team (St. George and the Dragon)
World Balloon Convention – 2nd Place Figure Competition (Formica Rufa (Red Ant))

Italian Championship – 2nd Place Figure Competition (The Wasp)

Italian Championship – 1st place Centerpiece (Rio)
Italian Championship – 2nd Place Column Competition (Flamigheart)

Master Championship – Large Balloon Sculpture (Egyptian Temple)

World Balloon Convention – Master Designer
World Balloon Convention – New Artist of the Year
World Balloon Convention – 1st Place Delivery Bouquet
World Balloon Convention – Gold Achievement Large Balloon Sculpture