Spotlight Artist: Tope Abulude

Spotlight Artist: Tope Abulude, CBA

“It would be near impossible to achieve the speed and precision we now take for granted without our various Conwin equipment.”

Tope started designing events as a hobby while studying for a Masters degree in Architecture. He caught the balloon bug in 1996 at the European Balloon Symposium and has since traded designing buildings for Balloon Art. He caters to a varied range of decor clientele from his North London Design Studio.

Tope designed the Medieval themed costume party at the 2003 International balloon Arts Convention (IBAC)

His work has also been featured in Balloon Images, Balloon Ideas, Balloon Magic, Balloon and Parties, Party times (UK), and various national and local newspapers.

Tope’s Portfolio


• 1997 – 3rd place Small sculpture IBAC Chicago
• 1997 – 1st place Delivery bouquet IPS Birmingham
• 2000 – Joint “Designer of the year” IBAC Chicago
• 2002 – 1st place Table Centerpiece IBAC Chicago
• 2002 – 3rd place Non-Round sculpture 1BAC Chicago