Spotlight Artist: Vanessa Lever

Spotlight Artist: Vanessa Lever, CBA

“I love my Conwin Precison Air Inflator– it’s like having an extra employee! I take it everywhere. I often show up on a job site by myself and the client is amazed to see what I am able to produce in such a short time. With the spiraling cost of helium I can’t live without my 60/40 Helium/Air Inflator.”

Vanessa’s winning Ferris Wheel large sculpture* and centerpiece at IBAC 2003 featured the detailing that she has become known for. Having graduated cum laude at Florence University in Italian Literature specializing in the History of Cinema, her passion for creating characters comes naturally. She began with balloons as a summer job helping her family’s company Balloon Express, both in the offices and on site, only later to become a “Dottoressa in Balloonology.” At BACI 2002 she placed first in the Delivery category. As a Qualified Approved Instructor (QAI) she’s often busy training new Italian decorators for BACI, the Balloon Arts College Italia. Her full service balloon and party shop with partner Heleana Casini, C.B.A. is one of Italy’s best! *(done with co-captain Mirco Ferri)

Vanessa’s Portfolio