3ft Balloon Spider

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About this Design:

The large air-filled 3ft Balloon Spider is great for column toppers, can be added into arches, hung from the ceiling or filled with helium to float above guests head. Make multiple spiders to include through the event to make it feel like attendees have entered into a spiders den!


• 1 – 3ft Onyx Black Balloon
• 1 – 16: Onyx Black Balloon
• 8 – 350Q Onyx Black Balloons
• 2 – Friendly Eyeball TopPrint Balloons
• Glue Dots



Using Conwin’s Air Force 4, inflate the 16″ Onyx Black balloon until it’s round (not fully inflated). Fully inflate the 3ft Onyx balloon with air. Tie the necks of the two balloons together.

Tip: Inflate the 3ft Onyx Black Balloon with helium to make the spider float. All other balloons in the design can be air.


Air-inflate one 3500Q Onyx Black, leaving 1″ un-inflated at the end.

Half way up on the balloon, make a 2-inch pinch twist. Click here to learn how to make a Pinch Twist.


Repeat Step 2 and tie the necks of the two 350Qs together to make a duplet.


Repeat step 2 and 3, three more times and twist all necks of the 350Q duplets together.


Wrap the necks of the 3ft Onyx Back balloon and 16″ Onyx Black balloon into the necks of the 350Q Onyx Black balloons.




Glue Dot two Friendly Eyeball TopPrint balloons to the small 11″ Onyx Black balloons.