Alpha-Numeric Sculptures

Designed By:

Eddie Heyland Balloon City USA – United States and Jan Iiams, CBA Betallic – United States

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This design was supplied by:  Betallic Betallatex ComboLogo

You can count on LINK-O-LOON® to impress customers with fast and easy sculpture numbers and big and bold LINK-O-LOON® letters, “b” creative, “b” colorful, “b” profitable with these bigger-than-big LINK-O-LOON® sculptures.


• 12″ (30cm) LINK-O-LOON® – Any color or print
• 5″ (12cm) latex – Any color or print
Optional Elements:
• 6 lb fine monifilament
• Clik-ClikTM Balloon Bond Tape
• Clik-ClikTM Mag Mover Magnets

Basic Technique
Fill two latex balloons and tie the necks together make a duplet. Make a second duplet and twist the necks together joining them to make a cluster of four.

Create an air-filled chain with the desired number of 12″ (30cm) LINK-O-LOON® for individual numbers or letters. A little practice will help depending on how tall you desire the sculpture to be. Always tie tips to tails for a smooth line within the chain.



Add air-filled clusters of four 5″ (12cm) balloons between each LINK-O-LOON® by wrapping them in place securely. Bend the chai into the formation desired and twist the clusters to one side to create a right angle in the chain. To hold formation, use very fine 6 lb monofilament wrapped from one balloon section to another if needed.


The sculptures can be hung with Clik-ClikTM Magnets from the ceiling, adhered with Balloon Bond or clear packing tape on glass, mirrors or balloon walls. Ask venues permission before adhering to additional surfaces.
Note: You can also create smaller number or letter sculptures with 6″ (15cm) LINK-O-LOON® with 360 bubbles of four tied in a circle between the LINK-O-LOON® to replace the 5″ (12cm) collars on the larger versions..