Bubbling Cauldron

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About this Design:

Set the Halloween mood with this fun and easy to make bubbling balloon cauldron. A great decor piece to set up near the food and beverage station, as entry decor or in the middle of a large room.


• 1 – 3ft Onyx Black Balloon
• 5 – 11″ Onyx Black Balloons
• 2 – 350Q Only Black Balloons
• 1 – 260Q Onyx Black
• 5″ Lime Green Balloons
• 5″ Yellow Balloons
• 5″ Diamond Clear Balloons
• 11″ Lime Green Balloons
• 11″ Yellow Balloons
• 11″ Diamond Clear
• Glue Dots
• 1 – Floating Eyeball Bubble Balloon (optional)
• 260Q Red Balloons (optional)




Using an Air Force Inflator or Precision Air Inflator, air-Inflate one quad of 11″ Onyx Black balloons (Precision Air size setting: 2.2 seconds/ 10.5″).


Create a weight using water or sand in one 11″ Onyx Black balloon. Tie neck of the balloon weight into the necks of the quad made in step 1.


Using and Air Force 4 Inflator, fully air-inflate a 3ft Onyx Black balloon. Tie a 260Q Onyx Black to the neck of the 3ft Onyx Black balloon. 


Wrap the 260Q Onyx Black into the balloon necks of the quad you made in step 1.


Inflate two 350Q Onyx Black balloons. Leaving 1″ un-inflated at the end of each. Tie the necks of the two 350Qs together. Then tie the 1″ un-inflated sides of the 350Q’s together.



Glue Dot the 350Q Onyx Black balloons to the top of the 3ft Onyx Balloon in an open “O” shape.




Inflate a variety of 5″ Lime Green, 5″ Yellow, 11″ Lime Green and 11″ Yellow balloons. 

Double Bubbles:

Create double bubbles by inserting a 5″ Yellow balloon into a 5″ Diamond Clear balloon. Inflate the 5″ Diamond Clear balloon half way and then inflate the 5″ Yellow balloon. Repeat this step with all sizes and colors of the balloons for a variety of bubbles.


Glue Dot a couple balloons falling over the 350Q Onyx Black and onto the 3ft Onyx Black balloon to give the appearance of the cauldron bubbling over.



Adding Perceived Value:

1. Inflate a Floating Eyeball Bubble Balloon with Conwin’s
Bubble Inflator.
2. Inflate and Glue Dot 260Q Red balloons along the base of the
Bubble balloon to hide the neck.
3. Tape the ribbon of the Bubble balloon to the top of the 3ft Onyx
Black balloon, coming out through the balloon bubbles.
Now you have what appears to be a floating eyeball coming out of the bubbling cauldron!


Set the scene with an audio player behind the cauldron playing sound effects of a bubbling pot!