Butterflies in Flight

Designed By:

Jan Iiams, CBA Betallic – United States

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This design was supplied by:  Betallic Betallatex ComboLogo

This simple design is full of profit and beauty with easy-to-use LINK-O-LOON®. No frames, no fuss and adaptable to many décor applications with simple color and foil shape changes.


• 3 x 33″ (83cm) Pop-Art Butterfly holographic foil shapes (#85523)
• 1 18″ (46cm) Fashion Yellow latex (#55005)
• 1 18″ (46cm) Fashion Green latex (#55004)
• 1 18″ (46cm) Fashion Bubble Gum Pink (#55074)
• 1 12″ (20cm) Fashion Yellow LINK-O-LOON® (#54005)
• 1 12″ (20cm) Fashion Green LINK-O-LOON® (#54004)
• 1 12″ (20cm) Fashion Bubble Gum Pink LINK-O-LOON® (#54074)
• 6 x 6″ (15cm) Fashion Yellow LINK-O-LOON® (#54605)
• 4 x 6″ (15cm) Fashion Green LINK-O-LOON® (#54604)
• 8 x 6″ (15cm) Fashion Bubble Gum Pink LINK-O-LOON® (#54674)
• 48 x 5″ (12cm) Deluxe Black latex (#51014)
• 3 x bouquet weights
• 6 x Clik-ClikTM Adhesive Balloon Tabs
• 3 x un-inflated 260s


Make a chain of four 6″ (15cm) LINK-O-LOON® as follows: Air fill a LINK-O-LOON® and tie the neck. Air fill a second LINK-O-LOON® and tie the neck to the tip of the first LINK-O-LOON®, wrapping them around each other twice and then knotting for a snug fit. Continue adding LINK-O-LOON® one at a time. Tie a bouquet weight to the neck of the first LINK-O-LOON® and trim the excess neck matieral from the chain for a smooth, clean appearance.



Make two more weighted chains, one with six LINK-O-LOON® and another with eight LINK-O-LOON®.



Helium fill a 12″ (30cm) LINK-O-LOON® and tie the neck to the matching color 6″ (15cm) chain. Repeat this step with the next two chains.

Helium fill a matching 18″ (46cm) latex and tie the neck to the tip of the matching helium LINK-O-LOON®. Repeat with the remaining chains.

Place two Clik-ClikTM Adhesive Tabs facing each other with holes aligned at the top of each 18″ (46cm) latex. Tie on a section of 260 and secure helium-filled Pop-Art Butterfly foil to the tabs leaving a little stretch between.

Make twelve 5″ (12cm) Deluxe Black latex clusters and wrap at the base to cover the weight, under the 12″ (30cm) LINK-O-LOON®, under the 18″ (46cm) latex and under the foil butterfly.

Inflate a chain of twenty 6″ (15cm) Fashion Bubble Gum Pink LINK-O-LOON® to 3.5″ (9cm) each. Tie into a circle.