Cake Table Arch

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About this Design:

his elegant but simple arch creates the perfect backdrop for the cake table. It could also be used in many other positions to create an exciting entrance way and perfect for photo opportunities! Wrapping the conduit with 260s or fabric adds new interest and texture to the frame structure which can be used time and time again, making this extremely profitable!


• 2 x Conwin Base Plates
• 2 x Conduit Poles 12’ Lengths
• 92 x 5” Pearl Ivory Latex Balloons
• 276 x 5” Pearl White Latex Balloons
• 1 x 36” Just Married Ivory & Gold
• 4 x 11” Hearts & Roses-A-Round Latex Balloons
• 4 x 9” Metallic Gold Microfoil Hearts
• 4 x 18” Candlelight Rose
• Elegant Rose White & Gold #40 Angel Sheer



Bend both lengths of conduit to create desired arch shape, ensure that both lengths bent the same.


Wrap 260s, ribbon or fabric around the conduit pole.

Secure poles by positioning them into the risers on the Conwin Base Plates and secure poles together at the centre point using a cable tie. Wrap a good quality silk ivy round the frames.


Create 2 lengths of 4” 4-balloon spiral garland using 3 Pearl White and 1 Pearl Ivory 5” latex balloons. Each garland requires 46 clusters. The perfect tool for this design is the Precision Air Inflator, not only will it perfectly size each duplet it also has a counter built into the machine, counting each duplet as you work!


Swag the garlands onto the frame starting in the centre. Ensure both sides are the same. Secure the garland to the frame by pushing it onto the frame at the desired points- this holds it very firm!


Create a good strong focal point at the centre of the arch. I have used a cluster of 4 x 11” latex balloons inflated to 10” and positioned the 36” Just Married on the top, in addition to that I have created several accent points by using 9” Microfoil Metallic Hearts with an elegant ribbon of your choice.



At the base of the design use duplets of 18” Heart Microfoils which gives the overall design balance.