Deep Sea Arch

Designed By:

Steven Mayhew, CBA

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• 11” Pearl Sapphire Blue
• 11” Blue Superagate (Qualatex)
• 11” Diamond Clear
• 11” Green
• 260 Lime Green
• 260 Green
• 10 260 Orange
• 260 Red
• ½” Conduit Pipe
• ½” Conduit Pipe
• 3ft Superagate

• Aluminum Rod
• Duct Tape
• 5” Silver
• 160 Gold
• 1 260 Silver
• 160 Green
• 160 Lime Green




1/2 conduit can be easily bent by stepping on the pole and bending it with your hands. Bend both poles into a gentle curve until you create an arch high enough for people to walk under (Be sure to leave a gap between the poles where the 3ft superagate balloon will be placed.) Then insert both poles into their base plates.

Using the C-clamp and stretching tool slide the Balloon Bulb and slide it into the 3ft green Superagate . Place the Balloon Bulb onto the 6ft conduit pole and tighten the nut. Run the cord down the conduit pipe down to the baseplate and using uninflated 260’s, tie the cord to the pipe.

Each quad on the arch has 1 duplet of 2 Pearl Sapphire Blue balloons and 1 duplet of 2 Blue Superagate balloons. Set your Precision Air to 3.5 seconds when inflating your 11” balloons. There are 10 quads on the 6ft conduit pipe and 16 on the 14ft pipe.



Cut your aluminum rod into three pieces, one at 4ft, the second at 5ft and the third at 3ft. Bend the 5 ft piece into an arc and duct tape the end of the 4ft piece to the middle of the 5ft arch. Make a “t” with the 3ft and 4ft piece by placing the middle of the 3ft rod on the opposite side of the arc on the 4ft piece approx 1ft from the end and duct tape together.

Set your Precision Air to 0.3 seconds and inflate approx 50 silver 5” quads and attach them onto the rod like you would when building a column. Create 4 clusters of 5 balloons and attach them to the end of each point on the anchor (EXCEPT for the top). This crease a nice finish point to the anchor.

Inflate and tie a silver 260, leaving 1 inch un-inflated at the end. Tie both ends together and slide the end with the knot around two balloons on the top quad of the anchor.



Inflate 4 Gold 160’s. (To make this easier to understand I am going to refer to each balloon at B1, B2, B3, B4 for the order of which you inflate them.)

Tie the knots of B1 & B2 together and twist both together at 3 inches. Slide the knot of B3 through the middle of B1 & B2 and tie the knot of B3 to B4. Then make a 3” twist with B3 & B4 over the first twist of B1 & B2. Next make a 3 inch twist with B1 & B2 over the B3 & B4’s first twist. Continue alternating between B1/B2 and B3/B4 until you have approx 5” left at the end of the 160’s. Snip the ends and tie them off to each other.

To continue the chain simply tie on your next 160’s to the knots you just made with the 160’s making up the chain.

Loop the chain though the silver 260Q on the anchor and tie it to itself. Wrap the chain around the arch and tuck the end in between two 11” balloons to hold it in place.



Inflate an orange 260Q leaving 5 inches un-inflated at the end. Make a 9 inch Lock Twist followed by a 1 inch Pinch Twist. Make a 1 inch twist followed by a 1 inch pinch twist and then a 7 inch loop. Make 1 inch twist followed by a 1 inch pinch twist and then a 6 inch loop.Cut the un-inflated end of the 260 and tie it off into the pinch twist.Inflate a second 260Q and tie it into the last pinch twist you made. Make a 1 inch twist followed by a 1 inch Pinch Twist and then a 5 inch loop. Make a 1 inch twist followed by a 1 inch Pinch Twist and then a 4 inch loop. Cut the un-inflated end of the 260 and tie it off into the pinch twist. Using Glue Dots, Glue Dot each of the loops to each other.

Puff a little air into an un-inflated red 260Q with your mouth and tie it off. Repeat this step until you have 5 red puff-inflated 260Q’s. Place them side by side with all the knots at one end. In the middle twist them all together and cut them off approx 1 below the twist on the side with the knots. Tie all four together and slide the knot into the smallest loop on your anemone.

Glue Dot your anemone to your 11” balloons on your arch and you now have sea life!

sea-arch6 STEP 5

Set your Precision Air to 2.5 and under inflate a quad of green 11 inch balloons to 9 inch balloons.

Tie a Sand weight to the middle necks of the quad to give your seaweed stability from falling over.

Inflate ten 260Q’s and tie all the knots together. Separate the 206Q’s into two bunches and slide the necks of the 260Q’s underneath two balloons from the quad and pull up to lock the 260Q’s and the quad together. Tie an un-inflated 260Q around the base of the inflated 260Q’s to bring them all upright.

sea-arch7STEP 6

Randomly tie un-inflated lime green and green 11” balloons to a long piece of monofilament line and inter-twine it through the 11” balloons.

sea-arch8STEP 7

Inflate 11” Diamond Clear to various size on the Precision Air and knot it (Note: You want to keep the balloons to a round shape, not fully inflated to a tear drop shape.) Cut of the neck of the balloon and glue dot a few together and then to the arch.

sea-arch9STEP 8

Inflate a green 260Q fully and then make a twist in the middle and release your finger from the knot to let out the air. Tie off the 260Q at the half way point. Repeat this step until you have 20 inflated balloons.

Bring life to your arch by attaching air or nitrogen filled foil balloons using double wrapped clear packaging tape.