Fantasy Clouds

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This design was supplied by:  Qualatex Q logo Stacked

Create ethereal beauty, high drama, or delightful whimsy with versatile Fantasy Clouds. Simply change the balloon colors, ribbon, anchors, or other embellishments for endless design possibilities. Fantasy Clouds can be customized to fulfill any customer’s needs.


• 1 x 16″ (41cm) Diamond Clear Qualatex® Latex Balloon
• 9 x 11″ (28cm) Qualatex Latex Balloons
• Balloon Stick or Straw
• Qualatex MasterBowTM Ribbon
• Qualatex ProSizerTM Template (11″ and 16″ Sizes)
• 50-lb. Test Monofilament
• Tulle
• Anchor


Step 1

Slip an uninflated 11″ balloon over a balloon stick or straw.

Step 2

Insert this balloon into the uninflated 16″ Diamond Clear balloon. Adjust the balloons until the necks line up.

Step 3

Slide the tip of the helium nozzle between the two necks. Inflate the 16″ balloon to 1⁄2 to 2⁄3 capacity.

Step 4

 Take the balloon off the nozzle. Realign the necks if necessary. Inflate the 11″ balloon. (As you inflate the 11″ balloon, the 16″ also will increase in size.)

Step 5

While tightly grasping the neck of the 11″ balloon closed, further inflate and size the 16″ balloon. Stretch out the neck of the inside balloon, and tie it around the neck of the outside balloon.

Step 6

Attach to monofilament line and tie to an anchor.

Step 7

Helium inflate and size two 11″ balloons to the same size and tie together to make a “duplet.” Make a second duplet and twist both duplets together to make a “cluster.”

Step 8

Hold the cluster against the bottom of the 16″ and bring the monofilament up and around the cluster, then back down through the cluster several times to secure the cluster to the 16″.

Step 9

Repeat steps 7-8 and attach the second cluster under the first cluster.

Step 10

Accent with tulle and ribbon.

Expand Your Design Capabilities

Once you master the basic Fantasy Cloud, try different materials and arrangements for customized looks:

1. Substitute a 3′ Diamond Clear balloon for the 16″ balloon to fill large rooms with big impact.
2. Use different sizes and combinations of Qualatex MasterBow ribbon and Qualatex BalloonRibbon, for Variety.
3. Add curly 160Q or 260Q balloons anchored to the duplets for extra visual interest.
4. Suspend Fantasy Clouds from the ceiling with monofilament line to increase the warmth and intimacy of high-ceiling rooms.
5. Create the illusion of floating clouds by using only monofilament line to anchor the display.
6. Make a bow with Qualatex MasterBow ribbon and attach to a weight for a coordinated anchor.

Increase Sales:

Sell other gift items when you use them as anchors for Fantasy Clouds. Display at least one Fantasy Cloud at all times, varying the design with different anchors and displaying additional product to suggest other creative weight options.

Enhance Your Image:

Display photos of your Fantasy Clouds and keep several on display to show your customers the wide range of design possibilities. Your creativity will set you apart from the competition, and satisfied customers will recommend you to their friends.


• Use lightweight ribbon, such as tulle, MiloriTM, or Angel SheerTM to allow for proper float.
• Pre-cut your Qualatex MasterBow ribbon so when you’re ready for the ribbon, it’s ready for you.
• Use TopPrintTM balloons to show the pattern from every angle.
• Ensure all the 11″ balloons are the same size by using a Qualatex ProSizer Template for a more professional look.
• Use SUPER HI-FLOATTM balloon flight extender to increase the float time of helium-filled latex balloons by up to 10 times.