Glimmer Centerpiece

Designed By:

Jan Iiams, CBA

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• 9 inch Lomey Dish
• 31 inch Lomey Column
• Lomey Universal Piece
• 5 inch latex
• 4 and 9 inch air filled foil stars
• uninstalled 260s
• Hi Float™
• Ribbon
• onion grass
• various glitters



jan_centerpiece_0004STEP 1

Drill a hole 3 inches from the rim on one side of the Lomey column. Secure the Lomey Universal Piece to the Lomey Designer Dish and the Column to the Universal Piece with Lomey Adhesive or Pan Glue.

Insert the air hose from the battery operated air pump into the hole in the column and secure with Lomey Adhesive or pan glue.

Tip: Lomey Adhesive needs to dry 24 hours ahead but will insure a leak proof Bubble Column.

jan_centerpiece_0007STEP 2
Place the air pump in the dish and slide a card board or foam board cover with a hole cut to accommodate the column down to cover the pump.

jan_centerpiece_0014STEP 3

Place a 5 inch balloon into a straw and dip it up to where you will knot the neck of the balloon into a container of pure Hi Float. The original Red Label Hi Float works best but Super Hi Float works well too. Do not scrape excess Hi Float off since when you fill the balloon it will create a smooth, thin coating of Hi Float that will dry surprisingly fast. Nitrogen-fill 5 inch ten to twelve balloons using a Duplicator 2 in a variety of sizes.

jan_centerpiece_0019STEP 4

Tie off the neck and quickly drizzle a small amount of confetti by hand onto the wet surface. Attach the wet confetti balloon to a cup and stick and insert into a block of Styrofoam to dry. The design will be most pleasing if you vary the sizes of the 5 inch balloons by underinflating them. Tip: Don’t let the balloons touch each other until completely dry. 



Tie an uninflated 260 entertainer balloon low on the column. Add the dry confetti balloons singly or in duplets to create an attractive, asymmetrical arrangement to cover the cardboard. Add air filled foil stars using the same 260 technique.

Repeat the process at the top of the column leaving a small opening where water can be inserted when the centerpiece is in place.

hf_centerpiece_wjanSTEP 6

To finish, use complimenting ribbon to gently curve around the column, attaching with a glue gun at the top and bottom. Cover the remaining mechanics with loops or simple bows with the same ribbon, add onion grass to top and bottom balloon clusters to repeat elements within the design. Insert a small, inexpensive flashlight under the balloons at the base to illuminate the column.

When the centerpiece is in place, turn on the battery air pump, insert a small funnel in the top of the column and fill 3/4 full of water. Tip: Always turn on the pump before filling the column with water since it will quickly leak out if not turned on.