Hearts Aglow Backdrop

Designed By:

Jan Iiams, CBA

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• 5 x inch white pearl latex
• 11 x inch white pearl latex
• 11 x inch clear latex
• 16 x inch white pearl latex
• 260 x white entertainer balloons
• Base Plates and poles
• Glue Dots
• Sandbags
• Fabric
• Ribbon
• String lights
• Silk flowers and string pearls
• Low temperature glue gun
• Scissors




Place the pole onto the Riser of Conwin’s new Base Plate. Secure with duct tape for stability. With a 260 entertainer balloon, tie lights to the pole leaving a section free that will be used in the balloon collar.



Cover the pole and lights with tulle allowing lights to shine through the fabric. Place an 11 inch air filled Double Bubble quad at the top of the pole. Snuggle a 5 inch air filled quad underneath, wrapping one balloon over another to grip the pole. (Double Bubble instructions)

Gather one corner of a rectangle of tulle and tie with an entertainer balloon. Secure it into the balloon collar by wrapping and tying the balloon.



At the base of the pole, begin with a quad of 16 inch balloons sized to 13 inches. Add an 11 inch double bubble quad and 5 inch quad. Tuck fabric into the base and add accenting air filled foil hearts with glue dots or with a low temperature glue gun.

Create a separate small stack of quads: 16 inch, 11 inch double bubbles and 5 inch on a weight. Place an 18 foil heart balloon at the top by tying it in with an entertainer balloon as illustrated on the cover of the spring/summer 2003 catalog.

Drape the tulle from the tall design to the short arrangement as shown.



 Place a 3 foot latex heart inflated and lighted with Conwin Balloon Bulbs onto the top of the pole. Place silk flowers and draped pearls onto the 3 foot balloon. Glue Dots or a low temperature glue gun. Finish by adding bows and flowers at the bottom of the balloon collar and at the top of the balloon base.

Finally…go straight to the bank with wonderful profit margins from this great wedding project!