Hearts of Love Column

Designed By:

Jan Iiams, CBA

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About this Design:

This versatile column is great for use with Conwin’s Insider or Balloon Bulbs!


• 1 Base Plate
• 1 x Diamond Clear 3ft Latex
• 20 x 6″ White Latex Hearts
• 30 x 6″ Rose Latex Hearts
• 30 x 6″ Pink Latex Hearts
• Spandex
• 260s White
• 350s White
• #40 Color Coordinating Ribbon (2″ – 3″ Wide)
• Glue Dots® or Double Stick Tape
• Tulle





To cover a pole beautifully, and simply, place Glue Dots® or double stick scotch tape vertically on the pole.



Place #40 ribbon on half of the adhesive, leaving the other half exposed.
Wrap the ribbon around the pole and adhere to the exposed Glue Dots® or double stick tape.


Place the base plate and pole onto a piece of spandex fabric. Stretch and pull the fabric up and gather around the pole, securing tightly with a 260 balloon. Trim excess fabric from the top. Cover the area with two 6 inch heart quads, nitrogen filled with a Duplicator 2 or Dual Split-Second Sizer. Add two more at the top of the pole.



Holding the end of a 260 balloon between thumb and forefinger, stretch and wrap the balloon around your wrist, inflate the balloon with nitrogen on a Dual Split-Second Sizer or Duplicator 2 to create a beautiful twist but with a small portion still uninflated. 

effects_column5Repeat the process with a 350 balloon, tie the necks of both balloons together and secure into the cluster at the top of the pole. Wrap the curled balloons gently around the pole, tie the ends together and secure into the bottom cluster. Add a bow and accent balloons at the base with Glue Dots®.


Illuminate this beautiful design by inserting Conwin’s Balloon Bulb into a 3 foot white pearl balloon and securing to the top of the pole.