Jungle Arch

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About this Design:

The perfect mood setter for luaus, jungle and tropical themes. From an eye catching arch to towering columns this design is easy to rig and set up.


• 28 x 11” Mocha Brown
• 4 x 646Q Mocha Brown
• 16 x 11” Lime Green
• 26 x 36” Emerald Green Foils
• 13 x 646Q Emerald Green
• 30 x 260Q Lime Green
• 1 x 30” Yellow & Orange SuperAgate
• 50 x 5” Yellow
• 50 x 5” Red




Start by inflating with air using the Dual Split Second Sizer set on Nitrogen 2 x 3 layer column from 11” sized to 10” Mocha Brown Latex, attach a weight to each base.


Inflate with helium using the Dual Split Second Sizer a 646Q Mocha Brown almost fully, just leave yourself 1” at the end so you have a tying connection at both ends of the balloon, now tie directly into the base column created in step 1, you now need to repeat for the 2nd base column.

spacerSTEP 3
Inflate another 646Q Mocha Brown to the same size as in Step 2 and tie this to the fist 646Q attached to the base column in step 2, so you form a floating chain, repeat for the other base cluster. So you end up with 2 x base columns of 3 layers each with 2 646Q coming from them linked together.



Now you need to helium inflate with the Dual Split Second Sizer 2 x 4 Balloon clusters of 11” Lime Green and attach one in-between the connection of the 2 646Q’s and the other at the top of the second 646Q.  Now repeat this for the 2nd side so they look equal.  Add to each side into the connection points (see pic) a selection of helium filled Foil Palm Fronds, 646Q Emerald Green Latex and air filled 260Q Lime Green shoots to give a palm tree impression.



Now to connect the trees into the arch you need to take a 30” Balloon, for this we have used the Rainbow Yellow and Orange Agate to look like the Sun!!

spacerSTEP 6

Tie the 30” onto the top of one of your palm tree sides and then using Large Grip Tabs, Tape one onto the opposite side of the 30” tie a piece of 260Q through and attach to the second palm tree Joining the two together to form the arch.