LINK-O-LOON® Floral Wall

Designed By:

Melissa Vinson Gjergji, CBA MelRhea Balloon Creations – Kentucky, United States

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This design was supplied by:  Betallic Betallatex ComboLogo

The LINK-O-LOON® chain is perhaps the most simple of all LINK-O-LOON® designs. When filled with helium and anchored at the bottom, it’s a chain. When anchored at two points on each end, the chain instantly becomes an arch. If air-filled, chains can be suspended from the ceiling to create the illusion of a wall. This recipe will lead you through steps for making a wall or backdrop with helium from a series of chains that are joined. Air-filled techniques are the same but instead will be rigged to hang from the ceiling with Clik-Clik MagMoverTM magnets. Easy!


• 36 x 12″ (30cm) Deluxe Fuchsia LINK-O-LOON®s (#54010)
• 50 x 5″ (12cm) Filigree – Pearl White latex prints (#51561)
• 4 x Bouquet Weights
• Conwin Duplicator 2 or Precision Plus for manual sizing with Clik-ClikTM Slide-N-Size Duplicator 2 settings for helium-filled 12″ LINK-O-LOON®s are: 1.0, 5″ .02



Helium-fill a single LINK-O-LOON® and tie the neck to a bouquet weight. Continue adding five more single LINK-O-LOON®s to each preceding one making sure to always tie the tip to the neck throughout the chain for a consistent shape. Make a total of six chains in this manner (Diag 1 & 2).



Make a total of 25 air-filled duplets with 5″ (12cm) Pearl White Filigree print latex by air-filling two at a time and tying the necks together.


floralwall-inset2STEP 3

Begin joining the first two chains together by wrapping a duplet in place around the necks between the first and second LINK-O-LOON® s. It will look like a four petal flower. Continue joining the necks of both chains but skip every other set so the LINK-O-LOON®s tilt outward from where they are joined. Complete joining the first two chains (Diag 3 & 4).


Add another single chain to the first two by wrap- ping duplets to join the new chain offset one extra LINK-O-LOON® higher. Continue adding chains in this manner to form a wall.

floralwall-3STEP 5

To complete, tie the exposed tips of LINK-O-LOON®s at the edges together to make them into flower for- mations too. Cover the exposed knots with duplets for a finished appearance around the outside of the wall and to cover the weights at the bottom edge.