Linky Spider Swag

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About this Design:

Swags are a great way to add color and excitement to the ceiling of a venue. This Linky Spider Balloon Swag is an easy to make design that will help bring life to any Halloween or themed party. For the ultimate effect, add multiple swags and switch out the colors of the latex balloons you use!


• Linky Spider Foils
• 5″ Fashion Orange
• 11″ Deluxe Black
• Archline
• 260B Deluxe Black
• Clear Packaging Tape

Quantity of balloons depends on length of swag needed.




IMPORTANT: To abide by the California Balloon Law, DO NOT inflate the balloons in this design with helium. They must be filled with air or nitrogen only.


Lay the un-inflated Linky Spider foil flat on a table. Two legs down from the top of the spider, roll the leg up using a 260B Deluxe Black and make two knots in the 260B.

Repeat Step 1 on the opposite leg.


Automatically inflate the Linky Spider foil with nitrogen or air using a Conwin Auto-Fill Foil Outlet. Note: Foil outlets are available on Conwin’s Precision PlusBubble InflatorDual Split-Second Sizer and Duplicator 2.


Tape the neck of the Linky Spider foil down over the barcode using packaging tape.


Using a Precision Air, air-inflate one quad of 11″ Deluxe Black and two quads of 5″ Fashion Orange per the size settings listed.



Tie the necks of each of the quads together as shown.




Tightly wrap one of the 260B Deluxe Black balloons, connected to the leg of the Linky Spider foil, into a 5″ Fashion Orange quad.



Repeat steps 1 through 7 to until you have the desired length of the swag.

Note: The length of one set of three quads and one Linky Spider foil measures approximately 3ft in width.



Once finished, wrap Archline into the quads at each end of the swag and hang from the ceiling.