Lovely in Lilac Centerpiece

Designed By:

Jan Iiams, CBA Betallic – United States

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This design was supplied by:  Betallic Betallatex ComboLogo

This design can be recreated in any color scheme to please even the choosiest bride. The double bubble effect at the top within the 18″ (46 cm) Crystal Clear latex, adds a touch of magic and plenty of lift to support the rest of the air-filled balloons.


• 1 X 18″ (46cm) Crystal Clear latex (#55011)
• 1 x 11″ (28cm) Pearl Lilac latex (#53065)
• 1 x 11″ (28cm) Crystal Clear Filigree printed latex (#53545)
• 9 x 5″ (12cm) Pearl White Filigree printed latex (#51561)
• 5 x Pearl White 160 (#57661)
• 8 x 5″ (12cm) Pearl Lilac latex (#51065)
• 2 x 6″ (15cm) Pearl White LINK-O-LOON® (#54661)
• Bouquet Weight
• Decorative Ribbon


• Conwin Dual Split Second Sizer set at 70 psi

Air fill two 5″ (12cm) Pearl White Filigree latex and tie the necks together to make a duplet. Make a second duplet and twist the necks together to make a cluster of four. Tie a balloon weight under the cluster with a 260. Make a smaller air-filled cluster with 5″ (12cm) Pearl Lilac sized to 3″ (8cm) and tie in place on top of the weighted cluster. Add a single 6″ (15cm) Pearl White LINK- O-LOON® and tie to the middle of the top cluster. Make a second set of stacked clusters with the middle LINK-O-LOON® to match the weighted base without the weight and set aside temporarily.
Pro-tip: I prefer to use Nitrogen and a Conwin Auto Fill Foil Outlet to insure I don’t overfill the foils.



Double stuff an 11″ (28cm) Pearl Lilac into a 12″ (20cm) Crystal Clear Fili- gree print. Insert the double stuffed balloons into an 18″ (46cm) Crystal Clear latex. Push the inside balloon necks to the side and inflate the 18″ (46cm) 2⁄3 full of helium. Pinch the neck closed to hold helium inside and quickly place the neck of the 11″ (28cm) doubled balloons on the inflation tip and fill fully, then tie the necks and tie on a 260 tether. Remember the outside balloon will fill fully when you fill the inside balloon.
NOTE: For perfect sizing every time, use the Double Bubble Accessory with the Dual Split Second Sizer to fill both balloons consistently in one step between the addition of the glitter and inflation. Go to for video instruction.



Place the previously prepared clusters that match the bottom clusters under the neck of the large balloon and wrap in place with the 260 tails. Join the helium top to the weighted bottom by tying decorative ribbon to the LINK-O-LOON® tip.

Air fill four Pearl White 160 2⁄3 full and tie the necks together to make a cluster of four. Wrap the cluster around the neck of the large helium balloon and bring the ends up to the top of the balloon and twist them together to join. Carefully release air from the ends and tie, then trim excess material. Air fill a 5″ (12cm) Pearl White Filigree latex with air to a small bubble and tie in place on top of the joined 160s. Complete by air filling a 160 and making a chain of 6 bubbles tied in a circle under the 5″ latex. Trim off any excess material.