Megaloon® Sparkle Wall

Designed By:

Jan Iiams, CBA Betallic – United States

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This design was supplied by:  Betallic Betallatex ComboLogo

This simple design is full of profit and beauty with easy-to-use LINK-O-LOON®. No frames, no fuss and adaptable to many décor applications with simple color and foil shape changes.


• 16 x 40″ (102cm) Megaloon® Silver “H” (#15908S)
• 32 x 12″ (30cm) Metallic Silver LINK-O-LOON® (54067) • 80 x 5″ (12cm) Metallic Silver Latex (51067)
• Clik-ClikTM Stretchy Tape


*Optional: For an air-filled technique, rig with MagMover magnets and for helium-filled, add weights at the bottom to create a free-standing wall.

Lay Megaloons® flat on the floor (or table and work in segments) and place 2″ (5cm) strips of Stretchy tape front and back where the H “legs” meet and a longer strip of Stretchy Tape to connect the Megaloon® sides together. Once you have the foils all connected, you can begin filling with helium or air depending on how you plan to display the wall.
Pro-tip: I prefer to use Nitrogen and a Conwin Auto Fill Foil Outlet to insure I don’t overfill the foils.



Air fill the 12″ (30cm) LINK-O-LOON® as follows; eight singles and twelve as duplets with necks tied to join. NOTE: It is not necessary to fill the LINK-O-LOON® with helium for the free-standing helium version. The lift of the big Megaloons® is enough to support the wall easily.



Air fill twenty sets of 5″ (12cm) Metallic Silver clusters of four and place twelve of the clusters on the knotted necks of the LINK-O-LOON® duplets and onto the neck of the single LINK-O-LOON®. With Balloon Bond Tape secure the LINK-O-LOON® in place in the openings of the “H” Wall.
Note: This design can be created with air and rigged or the foils can be helium-filled for freestanding décor. For air-filled decor, simply tie on Clik- ClikTM loop line for perfectly even rigging with MagMover magnets on the ceiling. For helium-filled freestanding décor, weights will allow this design to stand free in any space.