Monster Balloon Tunnel

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About this Design:

The Monster Balloon Tunnel is the ultimate entry decor design for Halloween events or kids parties. Your guests will be frightfully excited to enter the event through it’s mouth and will be faced with making their way through internal eyeballs lining the walls.

The materials listed above include enough to make two arches. For each additional arch to make the tunnel, refer to the list “Additional Arches”.




• Place the conduit poles onto each base plate and position them for the width you would like your arch.
• Slide the aluminum rod into the tops of the conduit poles.
• Duct tape the rods to the poles, making sure the rod has enough height to create a high enough arch to walk under.


Inflate your 11″ balloon quads per the size settings listed and attach them onto the arch the same way you would on an air-filled column.

Note: The balloons toward the middle of the arch should all be pink. The outer balloons are a non-patterned arrangement of 11″ Pale Blue and 11″ Blue Rainbow SuperAgate balloons.


Inflate two Floating Eyeball Bubble Balloon with Conwin’s Bubble Inflator. Position and tie the ribbons of each into the top of the arch.


Air-inflate 15 white 321Q’s and tie a 160Q Pink balloon to the neck of each one. In the inner pink section of the first arch, wrap the 160Qs in between every other quad to create the teeth.


• Slide a 6ft aluminum rod into the tops of each conduit pole along with the 14ft aluminum rod and duct tape everything to hold the rods in position.
• Bend the 6ft aluminum rods downward to create the top arms.
• Measure four inches from the end of the remaining two 6ft aluminum rods and make a 90 degree bend.
• Duct tape the rods onto the conduit poles 4ft up from each base plate. Repeat Step 1 to add the 11″ balloons to the second arch.




Air-inflate 5″ quads (0.4 Seconds on Precision Air/ 4″) in a non-patterned combination of 5″ Pale Blue and 5″ Dark Blue balloons to cover all four legs. 




Air-inflate 3 Yellow 646Q’s and 1 Yellow 11″ balloon and tie all the necks together. Repeat this step 3 time to have all four feet. Wrap each foot quad onto a leg around the last blue 5″ quad and position the feet so they stick out.



Repeat Step 1 to create additional arches for as long as you want the mouth/tunnel to continue for.



• Inflate a Red 260Q half way, and make a pinch twist. Click here to learn how to make a Pinch Twist.
• Air-inflate one 5″ Eyeball TopPrint Balloon (Precision Air size setting: 0.5 seconds/ 5-inches) and tie it to the pinch twist of the Red 260Q.
• Wrap the un-inflated section of the Red 260Q onto the frame of the arch.
• Repeat this step for as many eyeballs you would like to have throughout the entire mouth/tunnel.