Music Note

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• 8 x 260Q Black
• 15 x 160Q White
• Approx 5 Bags x 5” Black
• 5 x 160Q Black
• Aluminium Rod
• Pole & Base
• Duct Tape
• Glue Dots


music note_img1


The support for this design is a 6’ Pole and base and ¼” Aluminium Rod.  Take the Ali Rod and start by securing it to the top (about 6” down from the top as you want to leave this clear until step 6) of the Pole (do not place the pole into the base just yet, it is easier to build the shape on the floor first) then following the pic bend the Ali Rod into the Cleft shape securing with duct tape at the points where the Ali Rod meets the Pole.   Take an additional small piece of Rod and add separately to the base of the pole as the Clefts flick, now place the pole into the base to complete the framework.

music note_img2

Take a 260Q Black and add a puff of air then without letting the air out place against the Cleft frame and then start wrapping the 260Q around the frame to covering (the air increase the coverage to 2” as you wrap) when you get to the end of the balloon, simply puff a second 260Q then cut the first letting the puff of air out, hold it to the frame and then take the second and start wrapping this one on, going over the end of the last to secure that in place, keep going until all the frame is wrapped.

music note_img4

The framework is now to be covered with the balloons so using the Precision Air inflate clusters of 4 balloons from the 5” Black.  Start by adding the clusters to the central 6’ Pole – these are sized to approx 3” as you reach the curves you need to increase the size by ½” every few clusters, the maximum size to go to is 4.5” otherwise it is hard to sit the clusters neatly and then once the curve is over start to reduce the size back down again. 



Inflate a collection of 160Q White, and connect together to make a musical bar – with some music notes added.  Tie into the Cleft along the centre and at the base to add an extra affect to the design. 



Once you have completely covered the frame with Clusters, balloon shine and sprinkle a touch of iridescent glitter over (whilst the balloon shine is wet) and leave in position.