Perfect Gumball Balloons

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• 1 x Diamond Clear 3ft Latex
• 100 x 5″ Latex Balloons


gumball_02STEP 1

Clamp the Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool to the edge of a table with the yellow square facing out. Roll the neck of a large balloon down and stretch the balloon over the rim of the Insider. Make sure the balloon is centered on the Insider tool.

gumball_01STEP 2
Hand-tight connect the Insider Inflation Tool to a Dual Split-Second Sizer or Duplicator 2. Set the automatic sizer to the appropriate size of balloon that will be inflated inside the large balloon.

Don’t have a Dual Sizer or Duplicator 2? Conwin also offers the Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool for the Air Force 4 and the Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool with 10ft Extension Hose.


Press the Air Hose over an outlet of the Air Force 4 or Air Pro (or any air machine) and turn the inflator on. Place the other end of the Air Hose over the back port of the Insider tool and fully inflate the large balloon.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 3.25.41 PMSTEP 4

Stretch a balloon over the Insider holding Tool and insert the balloon into the back port of the tool. Activate the automatic inflation cycle by pressing the foot pedal of the Dual Split-Second Sizer or pressing the inflation button on the Duplicator 2 to inflate the balloon. When the balloon is fully inflated, quickly remove the inflating outlet and stretch the neck of the balloon firmly for to create a seal, preventing air escaping from the large balloon.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 3.25.48 PMSTEP 5

To easily tie the balloon, place two fingers on the stretched neck. Rotate your hand one full revolution to create a loop with the stretched neck of the balloon. Tuck the end of the balloon neck through the top of the loop to knot the balloon.

gumball_08 STEP 6

Release the neck of the balloon into the yellow flap of the Insider. To fill the large balloon with the maximum number of balloons, repeat steps 4- 6 as needed.