Festive Fireworks Arch

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This design was supplied by:  Qualatex Q logo Stacked


• 4 x 18″ “Patriotic Stars” Microfoil® Stars 11821
• 11″ “Red & Blue Stars” Latex Balloons 90844
• 11″ Red Latex Balloons 43790
• 5″ Dark Blue Latex Balloons 43553
• 260Q Red Latex Balloons 79699
• 260Q White Latex Balloons 43962
• 260Q Dark Blue Latex Balloons 79697
• 2 x SDSTM Steel Base Plates 30895
• 2 x 4′ Pieces of 1⁄2″ Conduit
• Aluminum Rod
• Duct Tape
• Clear Packaging Tape


Step 1

Put the conduit onto the base plates.

Step 2

Bend the aluminum rod to form an Arch. Secure it to the top of each piece of conduit with duct tape.

Step 3

Make the following 4-balloon clusters, using two 11″ Red and two 11″ “Red & Blue Stars” balloons (see “4-Balloon Cluster” on pg. 2). Wrap two of each size in the order listed onto each pole, starting at the base.

• Four clusters inflated to 9″
• Four clusters inflated to 8″
• Four clusters inflated to 7″
• Four clusters inflated to 61⁄2″
• Four clusters inflated to 6″

Take care to rotate each cluster 45 degrees so it nests in the previous cluster. Push the center of each cluster firmly against the center of the previous one.

Step 4

Make two 4-balloon clusters, using two 11″ Red and two 11″ “Red & Blue Stars” inflated to 5″. Wrap one of each above of the 6″ clusters on the poles.

Step 5

Make 4-balloon clusters using 5″ Dark Blue balloons inflated to 31⁄2″. Wrap them onto the aluminum rod, building from both sides into the center. Leave about a 12″ space at the top
of the Arch.

Step 6

Create four Topiaries using Red, White, and Dark Blue 260Qs, leaving about 2″ uninflated on each (see “Topiary” on pg. 2). Tie into pairs and then twist the pairs together, making sure the balloons intersect at the knots so the center stays constant.

Step 7

Wrap each Topiary onto the top of the arch between the Dark Blue clusters. Push them together tightly on the rod so they appear to be one large Topiary.

Step 8

Air inflate four “Patriotic Stars” Microfoils and secure an uninflated 260Q to the back of each using a piece of clear packaging tape. Tie each Star into the center of a cluster around the bottom of the Arch.


1. Air inflate two latex balloons to the same size, using a sizer, and tie the necks together.

2. Repeat to make a second pair. Then, twist the two pairs together, making sure the balloons intersect at the knots so the center stays constant.

3.Repeat to add two more pairs, one at a time, separating the previous balloons to keep the center constant. For the last two pairs, tie the balloons together as close to the neck roll as possible. Then, wrap the pairs in, one at a time, to complete the round ball.

howto24-Balloon Cluster

1. Inflate and size two balloons, then tie the necks together. Repeat to make a second pair, then twist the two pairs together to make a 4-balloon cluster.

2. Wrap the cluster onto the conduit by separating two of the balloons in the cluster, pushing the cluster onto the conduit, then twisting together the two balloons that were separated.

• Change the balloons and color scheme to re-create this festive Arch for different occasions such as prom, graduation, or New Year’s Eve.
• Ensure the balloons are all the same size by using sizing tools such as Qualatex ProSizerTM Templates or the Conwin Precision Air inflator.
• Balloon quantity may vary depending on the size of the Arch and how tightly the balloon clusters are packed.
• Increase the lengths of the aluminum rod and conduit proportionately to make a larger Arch.