Love is in the Air Column

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This design was supplied by:  Qualatex Q logo Stacked


• 28 x 11″ (28 cm) “Hearts & Daisies-A-Round”
• Love Assortment Latex Balloons 70046
• 6″ (15cm) Red & Rose Latex Hearts 43645 & 43646
• 28 x 5″ (13cm) Purple Violet Latex Balloons 82697
• 260Q Purple Violet, Red, White, & Rose Latex
• Balloons 82707, 79699, 43962, & 43957
• 1 5′ (152cm) Piece of 1⁄2″ (1.3cm) Conduit
• SDSTM Steel Base Plate 30895
• Clear Packaging Tape



Step 1

Attach the conduit to the base plate. Cover any rough spots on the base plate with clear tape to avoid popping a balloon. Cut the neck off an uninflated 11″ latex and stretch it open to cover the top of the conduit.

Step 2

Air inflate four 11″ Red “Hearts & Daisies-A-Round” latex to 9″ (23cm) and make a 4-balloon cluster. Wrap this cluster onto the conduit (see “4-Balloon Cluster” on pg. 2).

Step 3

Make another 4-balloon cluster with fully inflated 5″ Purple Violet latex, and wrap it onto the conduit above the 9″ cluster. Rotate the cluster so it nests in the previous cluster.

Step 4

Repeat Steps 2-3 to add six more clusters of 9″ printed latex and six more clusters of 5″ Purple Violet latex, alternating the colors as shown.

Step 5

Inflate about 15 Purple Violet 260Qs, leaving anywhere from 1-4″ (2.5-10cm) uninflated on each one.

Step 6

Make two 2″ loop twists at the knot end of about seven 260Qs (see “Loop Twist” on pg. 2). Set aside.

Step 7

Fully air inflate enough Red and Rose 6″ Hearts to attach one to each end of the 260Qs from Step 6. To do this, wrap the knot end of a Heart through the loop twists on the 260Q. Set aside.

Step 8

Using Red, White, and Rose 260Qs, make enough 5-petal flowers to attach to the remaining 260Qs from Step 5 (see “5- Petal Flower” on pg. 2). To attach the flowers, twist a 1″ (2.5cm) bubble at the knot end of one of the Purple Violet 260Qs, and push the bubble into the center of a 5-petal flower.

Step 9

Tie the 260Qs into pairs using the uninflated ends, then wrap all the pairs together at the knots to make a large cluster, keeping the center constant.

Step 10

Use an uninflated 260Q to tie the 260Qs through the top two clusters on the Column. Arrange as desired.


howto24-Balloon Cluster

1. Inflate and size two balloons, then tie the necks together. Repeat to make a second pair, then twist the two pairs together to make a 4-balloon cluster.
2. Wrap the cluster onto the conduit by separating two of the balloons in the cluster, pushing the cluster onto the conduit, then twisting together the two balloons that were separated.

]15-Petal Flower

1. Inflate a 260Q, leaving 4″ uninflated.
2. Inflate a 260Q, leaving 4″ uninflated.
3. Make a twist in the remainder of the balloon, pinch the twist with two fingers, deflate the excess balloon, and tie.
4. Pass the neck of the balloon through the loop and cinch tightly.
5. Arrange the loop twists to create five petals.

2Tulip Twist

1. Twist a bubble twice the length of the loop twist.
2. Sharply bend the bubble in half, and twist the ends together.