Mr. & Mrs. Forever

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This design was supplied by:  Qualatex Q logo Stacked


• 4 x 18″ “Mr. & Mrs. Entwined Hearts” Diamond ExpressionsTM Microfoil®
Balloons 25313
• 4 x 13″ “Taper” Silver/Air-fill
Microfoil Decor Shapes 17127
• 1 x 11″ “Filigree & Hearts-A-Round”
Diamond Clear Latex Balloon 82102
• 1 x 11″ Silver Latex Balloon 43794
• 4 x 6″ Pearl Azure Latex Hearts 17729
• 4 x 5″ Silver Latex Balloons 43603
• 260Q Scraps
• #40 White Qualatex MasterBow®
Tulle Ribbon 37433
• Qualatex BalloonRibbonTM
• Clear Packaging Tape
• Adhesive Balloon Tab
• Balloon Straw
• Small Bead
• Monofilament
• Heat Sealer


Step 1

Using a balloon straw, push the small bead inside the valve of an uninflated 18″ Diamond Expressions Microfoil. Once the bead has passed through the valve, use your fingers to push it to the top corner of the balloon. Hold the bead in place and tie a 260Q scrap tightly around it to secure, creating an attachment point. Air inflate the Microfoil, and lay a length of BalloonRibbon across its tail. Roll up the tail and tie. Curl the ribbon, and set aside.

Step 2

Air inflate the three remaining 18″ Diamond Expressions Microfoils. Tie the neck of one of the Microfoils onto the attachment point from the Microfoil in Step 1. Tie the necks of the remaining two Microfoils together.

Step 3

Wrap the 18″ Microfoil pairs together, and position the balloons to form a diamond shape as shown. Place a piece of clear packaging tape at the seams to connect each adjoining balloon, so they lay flat. Set aside.

Step 4

Fully air inflate four 6″ Pearl Azure latex Hearts and make a 4-balloon cluster (see “4-Balloon Cluster” below). Tie a 260Q scrap to the center of this cluster, and set aside.

Step 5

Use the balloon straw to double stuff an 11″ Silver latex inside an 11″ “Filigree & Hearts-A-Round” latex, aligning the necks. Inflate the Silver balloon to about 5″ and tie it to the center of the Heart cluster from Step 4. Set aside.

Step 6

Make another 4-balloon cluster using 5″ Silver latex inflated to 3″ (7.6cm). Take the Pearl Azure cluster from Step 4 and place it in the middle of the Microfoil diamond design as shown. Pull the attached 260Q scrap through the middle of the diamond and tie it tightly onto the center of the 3″ Silver cluster on the backside of the design to secure.

Step 7

Air inflate the four 13″ Tapers and heat seal the necks. Use the necks to tie the Tapers into two pairs. Wrap one pair between the 6″ Heart cluster and the 18″ Microfoils, so the two Tapers are opposite each other. Repeat with the other pair, so the four Tapers are positioned between the 6″ Hearts.

Step 8

Make a simple bow using #40 Qualatex MasterBow Tulle and tie it onto the neck of the bottom 18″ Microfoil using the attached BalloonRibbon. Add more curled BalloonRibbon as desired.

Step 9

Attach an adhesive balloon tab onto the back side of the Microfoil at the top of the design, and secure the tab with clear packaging tape. Tie a length of monofilament line through the hole, and use this to hang the completed design.

34-Balloon Cluster

1. Inflate and size two balloons, then tie the necks together. Repeat to make a second pair, then twist the two pairs together to make a 4-balloon cluster.