New Year’s Chandelier

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This design was supplied by:  Qualatex Q logo Stacked


• 2 x 34″ “Celebrate New Year Sparkle” Microfoil® Shapes 83934
• 9″ Metallic Gold Microfoil Stars 35982
• 4″ Metallic Gold Microfoil Stars 35983
• 4 x 16″ Onyx Black Latex Balloons 43858
• 4 x 11″“Sparkles&Swirls”Assorted Gold & Onyx Black Latex Balloons 83939
• 6 x 5″ Gold Latex Balloons 43560
• 6 x 5″ Onyx Black Latex Balloons 43548
• 260Q Onyx Black Latex Balloons 43937
• #40 “CrystalTM Nugget Gold” Qualatex MasterBow® Ribbon 42777
• 3 x 16″ Balloon Straws Clear 64462
• Qualatex Hand Air Inflator 21472
• Monofilament
• 2 x Small, Plastic Beads
• Packaging Tape
• Rigging
• Heat Sealer



Step 1

Air inflate and size two 16″ balloons, then tie the necks together. Repeat to make a second pair, then twist the two pairs together to make a 4-balloon cluster.

Step 2

Repeat Step 1 using four 11″ balloons.

Step 3

Wrap the two clusters together similar to making a topiary, nesting the 11″ balloons below the 16″. This will create the top of your design.

Step 4

Tie a long strand of monofilament line to the center of the air-filled clusters so you can adjust the height of your design according to the height of the venue, and rig the monofilament line to the ceiling. Cover two balloon straws with uninflated Onyx Black 260Qs. Insert the straws between the top and bottom helium-filled clusters so the straws are perpendicular to each other. Tie monofilament line to the ends of each straw.

Step 5

Air inflate and heat seal the 4″ and 9″ Microfoil Stars.

Step 6

Tape the Stars onto the monofilament line as shown.

Step 7

Using the hand air inflator, inflate one “Celebrate New Year Sparkle” Microfoil with a puff of air. Insert a bead into the neck using a balloon straw, gently pushing it past the balloon valve.

Step 8

Once the bead is inside the balloon, position it inside the top point of the Star shape, and tie an uninflated 260Q around that point on the balloon.

Step 9

Repeat for the other “Celebrate New Year Sparkle” Microfoil.

Step 10

Wrap one of the 260Qs on the Microfoil around the center of the air-filled clusters to secure.

Step 11

Tie the 260Q on the second Microfoil to the tail of the first.

Step 12

Cover the connection points with 5″ balloon clusters.

Step 13

Cut the Qualatex MasterBow Ribbon into thirds and drape around the bottom cluster.

34-Balloon Cluster

1. Inflate and size two balloons, then tie the necks together. Repeat to make a second pair, then twist the two pairs together to make a 4-balloon cluster.
2. Wrap the cluster onto the balloon’s neck by separating two balloons in the cluster, pushing the cluster onto its neck, then twisting together the two balloons that were separated.