Shooting Star Column

Designed By:

linda bruce, cba

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This design was supplied by:  Qualatex Q logo Stacked


• 4 x 45″ “Patriotic Shooting Star” Microfoil®
Balloons 60949
• 1 x 36″ Ruby Red Microfoil Star 12605
• 3 x 24″ Deco Bubble Balloons 68825
• 3 x 11″ “Shooting Stars&Stars-A-Round”Assorted
0Latex Balloons 90893
• 8 x 5″  White Latex Balloons 43607
• 4 x 5″ Sapphire Blue Latex Balloons 43602
• 4 x 5″ Ruby Red Latex Balloons 43601
• 160Q Latex Balloons
• Adhesive Balloon Strips
• Sand Weight
• Clear Packaging Tape



Trim the neck from an 11″ latex balloon. Holding a 1⁄2″ (1.3cm) section from the upper outermost point of each uninflated “Patriotic Shooting Star,” use the latex neck as a rubber band and wrap it tightly around all four points to hold the shapes together.


Secure a sand weight to the contact point from Step 1 by tying it onto the banded knot with an uninflated 160Q.


Repeat Step 1 to secure the lower outermost points of the uninflated shapes.


Slowly air inflate each “Patriotic Shooting Star,” making sure not to undo the bands attaching the star points.


Stuff a Deco Bubble with an 11″ “Shooting Stars & Stars-A- Round” latex and inflate. To do this, insert the latex into the Deco Bubble until the necks of the two balloons are even. Slightly helium inflate the Deco Bubble, then inflate the latex balloon to 11″. Finish inflating the Deco Bubble and tie a cinch knot (see “Bubble Cinch Knot” on page 2) using an uninflated 160Q. Tie the double-stuffed Deco Bubble to the banded points of the base. Attach an adhesive balloon strip to the top of the Bubble and secure with clear packaging tape.

Step 6

Repeat Step 5 and create two more double-stuffed Bubbles. Attach each to the top of the previous Bubble by tying onto the adhesive balloon strip with an uninflated 160Q, making sure to tie the Bubbles as closely together as possible while still leaving a small space for the balloon collars.

Step 7

Helium inflate the 36″ Ruby Red Microfoil Star. Tie an uninflated 160Q to the neck, then tie to the adhesive balloon strip on the top Bubble as close as possible.

Step 8

Create four 4-balloon clusters (see “4-Balloon Cluster” on page 2) using one Ruby Red, one Sapphire Blue, and two White 5″ latex balloons sized to 4″. Wrap one cluster above and below each Bubble.


• Use the 11″ “Stars-A-Round,” “Red & Blue Stars,” or “Fireworks-A-Round” in the Deco Bubbles and top the Column with a coordinating 3′ latex balloon.
• To save on helium, air inflate your double Bubbles, but be sure to tie them tightly together to maintain strength and support throughout the Column.

howto24-Balloon Cluster

1. Inflate and size two balloons, then tie the necks together. Repeat to make a second pair, then twist the two pairs together to make a 4-balloon cluster.

2. Wrap the cluster onto the conduit by separating two of the balloons in the cluster, pushing the cluster onto the conduit, then twisting together the two balloons that were separated.

stepsBubble Cinch Knot

1. Make a loop around your wrist and grab both sides.
2. Use your other hand to pull the loop over itself and create a double loop. ProSizerTM Templates or the Conwin Precision Air inflator.
3. Put your thumb, index, and middle finger through the double loop so it will open and close itself.
4. Pass the neck of the balloon through the loop and cinch tightly.
5. Turn the balloon upside down, and then pull the tails apart VERY tightly. Bring the tails around to the opposite side of the neck and tie twice.