Spring Fling Column

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This design was supplied by:  Qualatex Q logo Stacked


• 1 x 40″ “Paisley Butterfly”
Microfoil® Shape 34901
• 4 x 18″ “Paisley Accent Patterns”
Diamond Accents Microfoil Balloons 34416
• 19 x 5″ Pink Latex Balloons 43575
• 12 ea. 5″ Robin’s Egg Blue, Yellow,
& Wild Berry Latex Balloons 82683, 43609, & 25571
• 10 ea. 5″ Purple Violet, Lime Green,
& Orange Latex Balloons 82697, 48954, & 43570
• 4 x 260QYellowLatexBalloons79700
• 3 x 160Q Wild Berry Latex Balloons 25575
• 1 x 160Q Robin’s Egg Blue Latex Balloon 82690
• 260Q & 160Q Scraps
• Piece of 5 1⁄2″ Conduit
• SDSTM Steel Base Plate 30895
• Small Weight


Step 1

Attach the conduit to the base plate. Pull an uninflated 5″ Pink latex over the top of the conduit.

Step 2

Air inflate four 18″ Diamond Accents Microfoils, and tie into two pairs. Wrap one pair around the bottom of the conduit, then wrap the other pair around the conduit, adjacent to the first pair. Make sure the balloons lay flat.

Step 3

Fully inflate the following 5″ latex balloons and tie them into pairs, wrapping each pair onto the conduit above the Diamond Accents (see “Column on Conduit & Base Plate” below).

Follow the order listed, from bottom to top:
• Wild Berry (4)
• Purple Violet and Pink (2 ea.)
• Robin’s Egg Blue (4)
• Lime Green and Pink (2 ea.)
• Yellow (4)
• Orange and Pink (2 ea.)
Repeat this pattern of colors until you reach the top of the conduit.

Step 4

Helium inflate the 40″ Microfoil, and tie a 260Q scrap onto the neck, leaving two tails. To comply with California Balloon Law, tie one 260Q tail onto a small weight. Then use both 260Q tails to tie the Microfoil into the top two clusters in the Column, nesting the weight in between the clusters to hide it.

Step 5

Make four Yellow Curly 260Qs, leaving 1⁄2″ (1cm) uninflated on each (see “Curly 260Q” above). Starting at the top, wrap the 260Qs around the Column, tying them together with the uninflated ends and knot ends.

Step 6

To make a “butterfly,” inflate two 5″ Purple Violet latex to 4″ (10cm) and tie into a pair. Make another pair inflated to 3″ (8cm), and wrap the two pairs together, so the smaller pair is on the bottom. Inflate a Wild Berry 160Q to 12″ (30cm) and tie. Make a 1″ (2.5cm) Pinch Twist at the knot end (see “Pinch Twist” above). Position the Pinch Twist at the top of the butterfly’s “wings,” then wrap the remaining 160Q around the wings, twisting it together where it meets the Pinch Twist. Deflate, tie, and trim the excess.

Step 7

Repeat Step 6 to make three more butterflies (Orange wings with Wild Berry “body;” Wild Berry wings with Robin’s Egg Blue body; and Lime Green wings with Wild Berry body).

Step 8

Use a 160Q scrap to tie the butterflies onto the Yellow 260Qs to hide the knots.

rd4-Balloon Cluster

1. Make two pairs.
2. Starting at the bottom, wrap one pair onto the conduit so the two balloons are side-by-side. Wrap the other pair onto the conduit, adjacent to the first, so these two balloons are also side-by-side.
3. Push down on the centers of each pair to lock them together.

• Conduit provides a very stable base for Columns.
• It’s reusable and best for high-traffic areas and outdoors.
• Conduit can be bent to produce different designs.

pinchPinch Twist

1. Create a bubble by pinching the balloon and twisting it several times.
2. Make another twist at the appropriate bubble length, being sure to twist in the same direction both times.
3. Loop your index finger under the bubble. Grasp the sides of the bubble with your thumb and index finger, and stretch it up until you can pinch the twists together.
4. Remove your index finger, and twist the pinched bubble at least three times in one direction to secure.


]1Curly 260Qs

1. Fully inflate the 260Q with air, and let out the air to stretch the balloon.
2. Wrap the 260Q around a cylindrical object, stretching it a little as you go and making sure not to wrinkle or twist the balloon.
3. Air inflate the 260Q while holding it around the cylinder, and tie. As it inflates, the 260Q will curl around the cylinder.