Wild at Heart Sculpture

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This design was supplied by:   Qualatex Q logo Stacked


• 350Q Red, Rose, & Pink Latex Balloons 97228, 82677, & 44045
• 260Q Red, Rose, Pink, & White Latex Balloons 79699, 43957, 43950, & 43962
• Monofilament (Fishing) Line
• Aluminum Rod Heart Frame




Air inflate four 260Qs to about 6-8″ (15-20cm) and make a 4-balloon cluster (see “4-Balloon Cluster” below). Wrap this cluster onto the aluminum frame.


Make another 4-balloon cluster using four 350Qs inflated to about 6-8″, and wrap this cluster onto the frame next to the 260Q cluster.


Repeat Steps 1-2 to cover the entire frame, alternating 260Q and 350Q clusters. Make sure the clusters are wrapped close to each other so the aluminum rod is not visible.

Step 4

Make several 5-petal flowers using White 260Qs (see “5-Petal Flower” below). Wrap the flowers onto the balloons using the uninflated ends.

Step 5

Make enough 1″ 260Q tulip twists for the centers of the 260Q flowers from Step 4 (see “Tulip Twist” on pg. 2). Wrap a tulip twist into the center of each 260Q flower.

Step 6

Hang the heart sculpture using monofilament line.


• Use varied lengths and colors of 260Qs and 350Qs to increase the visual interest of the design.
• Use 160Q and 260Qs for a smaller heart frame.
• Use Conwin Precision Air to inflate the balloons quickly and efficiently

34-Balloon Cluster

1. Inflate and size two balloons, then tie the necks together. Repeat to make a second pair, then twist the two pairs together to make a 4-balloon cluster.
2. Wrap the cluster onto the conduit by separating two of the balloons in the cluster, pushing the cluster onto the conduit, then twisting together the two balloons that were separated.


15-Petal Flower

1. Inflate a 260Q, leaving 4″ uninflated.
2. Inflate a 260Q, leaving 4″ uninflated.
3. Make a twist in the remainder of the balloon, pinch the twist with two fingers, deflate the excess balloon, and tie.
4. Pass the neck of the balloon through the loop and cinch tightly.
5. Arrange the loop twists to create five petals.

2Tulip Twist

1. With your right index finger, push the knot inside the inflated portion of the balloon about 11⁄2″. Pinch the sides of the balloon and grasp the knot through the balloon with your left thumb and index finger.
2. Carefully remove your right index finger while holding the knot securely with your left hand, and twist the balloon several times at the base of the bubble with your right hand.
3. Be sure the knot is tucked into the twist. Slightly push the knot into the base of the bubble as you release it to complete the tulip twist.