Roman Column

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About this Design:

The Roman Column design is a great technique to covering balloon column poles; adding perceived value and enabling you as the designer to offer different types of non-traditional decor. The Roman Column technique is can be used for weddings, sweet sixteens, Quinceañeras, corporate events and more!


• 8 – 260 Entertainer Balloons
• 16 – 11″ Balloons
• 12 – 5″ Balloons
• 1 – 6ft 1/2″ Conduit Pole
• Base Plate




Using the Precision Air Inflator, inflate the balloon quads for the base of the column per the size settings listed. 


Using the Air Pro Inflator, inflate 1 quad of 260 balloons, leaving 2″ un-inflated at the end of each one.


Slide the 260 quad in between the 5″ quad and the 11″ quad. Pull one 260 up in between each balloon in the 5″ quad. Twist two 260s at a time around each other to lock them onto the conduit pole.


Holding the conduit pole in place with your foot. Wrap the 260s in an upward spiral around the conduit pole. Stop half way up the column.


Pinch off all 260s around the conduit pole and begin twisting the 260s together, two at a time around the pole. It’s suggested to make 6-8 twists around all the 260s to lock them onto the pole.




Snip the un-inflated ends of two 260s and wrap the 260s around the pole and tie them together with two knots. Repeat this step on the remaining 260s.




Inflate a 5″ quad of balloons (0.2 Second on Precision Air / 4.5″) and firmly attach them onto the conduit pole above the twisted 260s. 


Repeat steps 2 through 6 to cover the top half of the pole. Be sure to leave approximately 2ft at the top of the pole for the remaining quads.



Repeat step 1 to create the top three balloon quads and attach them in reverse order.