Spooky Spider Column

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About this Design:

A great addition to any Halloween party, this air-filled Spooky Spider Balloon Column is perfect as entry decor to greet your guests or to create a fun ambiance anywhere in your event space.




Place the conduit pole onto a base plate. Air-inflate two 11″ quads and one 5″ quad, per the size settings listed and wrap them onto the conduit pole. (Note: Each quad includes two Purple Violet balloons and two Onyx Black balloons.)

Using Onyx Black and Purple Violet balloons, create a roman column. Click here to learn how to create a roman column.



Create a large 3ft air-filled balloon spider.


To attach the spider to the column, wrap a 260Q Onyx Black around the neck of the spider and into the top quad of the column.


Using an Insider Balloon Stuffing Tool of your choice, inflate an assortment of 5″ white, 11″ white and two 260Q Red balloons into the 3ft white balloon.
Note: The inside balloons need to be inflated with air or nitrogen. Click here to learn more about how to use Conwin’s Insider Balloon Stuffing Tools.



Remove the 3ft White balloon from the Holding Tool, deflate all the air from it, tie and cut the neck off.



Place the 3ft White balloon into the 24″ Balloon Net.



Make a twist on the two front 350Q Onyx Black legs of the spider and wrap the top of the Balloon Net into the twist.



Place the spider webbing around the column to finish.


Adding Perceived Value:

Create a small 11″ Balloon Spider and attach it to the base of the column.